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  • 1268 Hunt Class Destroyer £2.50p 1268A Hunt Class Destroyer Group 4 £2.50p 1270 'S' Class Destroyer £2.75p 1319 1320 'J', 'K' & 'N' Class Destroyer £2.75p 1237 Dido Class Cruiser £6.00p 1258 MAC Escort Cruiser £8.50p.
  • Flan's Mod is a huge mod for Minecraft which adds planes, cars, tanks, guns, grenades and more in a customisable content pack system.


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1357 HMS Glatton painted by Kev Ward

1217 HMS Dreadnougt painted by Kev Ward

USS Utah/Florida, WW1

HMS Glatten HMS Dreadnought

WWI Merchant ship and Scheswig Holstein WW2

Ranges of metal wargames ships in 1-3000, 1-4800 and 1-1200 scale. Most are one peice castings and of limited detail. Can be super detailed if you so wish These ships are ideal for coastal forces battles between smaller type vessels, which look better in the larger scale.

Italian Light Cruiser and Town class destroyer

1/1200th Scale Waterline Ships
These are wargame ships, mostly
and other small detail.

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Postage and Packing

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DE £2.00
World War One British Ships

1230 HMS Good Hope Armd/C £7.00p
1254 HMS Wolfe 18' gun Monitor £6.75p
1257 HMS Glatton Monitor £6.00p
1266 Lightfoot Class Destroyer Leader £2.75p
1273 HMS Brooke Destroyer Leader £2.75p
River class destroyer with extra detail R Steel
1263 'K' Class Destroyer £2.00p
1264 'L' Class Destroyer £2.00
1265 'M' Class Destroyer £2.00
1275 River Class Destroyer £1.75p
1267 Boadicea Class Light Cruiser £2.75p
1223 HMS Weymouth cruiser £3.75p
1326 Colossus Class Battleship £9.00p
1327 HMS Erin Battleship £9.00p
1325 Floating Dock 12,000 ton
1209 Erebus £4.75p
1362 HMS Slinger Exper catapult ship £1.50
1371 Pegasus, seaplane carrier N/A
1376 HMS Restless R Class Destroyer NA
1379 M Class Monitor No 29-33 1915 £2.00
1381 HMS Marshall Soult 1915 2x15'4x4' £6.75
German World War One
1245 Nassau Battleship 1909 £9.00p
1331 Schlesien Pre-dreadnought £9.00p
1246 Helgoland Battleship £9.00p
1328 Konig Battleship £9.00p
1328B Kaiser £9.00
simple conversions of the 1328 Konig hull with
1383 SMS Wittelsbach £9.00
Both conversions of the 1331
SMS Wittelsbach SMS Hessen
1224 B Class Destroyer £2.00p
1337 Seydlitz £9.00p
1374 German type fishing boat £1.75
Seydlitz painted and added detail (masts etc) by Roy Steel
1328 Konig Battleship painted by Kev Ward
World War Two British Ships
1202 'A' Class Submarine £1.50p
1368 'T' Class Submarine £1.50
1203 'D' Class MTB £0.50p
1228 Grey Goose MTB £0.75p
1206 Flower Class Corvette £2.00p
1213 Black Swan Class Frigate £2.75p
1201 Town Class Destroyer £2.50p
1204 Tribal Class Destroyer £3.25p
1214 HMS Halcyon £2.00p
1215 HMS Algerine £2.00p
1217 'V' & 'W' Class Destroyer £2.50p
1234 Battle Class Destroyer £3.25p
1268 Hunt Class Destroyer £2.50p
1268A Hunt Class Destroyer Group 4 £2.50p
1270 'S' Class Destroyer £2.75p
1320 'J', 'K' & 'N' Class Destroyer £2.75p
1237 Dido Class Cruiser £6.00p
1258 MAC Escort Cruiser £8.50p
HMS Norfolk extra detail and painted by Roy Steel
1304 Norfolk Class Cruiser £8.50p
1367 HMS Achilles L/Cruiser £6.00
1251 Bayonet Class Boom Defence Vessel £2.25p
British Merchantmen
1241 Marionage D Thermiotis 1904 trunk carrier £4.50p
1306 Atlantic 1904 general carrier £4.00p
1333 Nonsuch Turret Ship 1904 £4.50p
1336 Bridgeport 1904 general carrier £4.50p
1243 Royal George 1910 liner £9.00p
1310 Wentworth 1913 general carrier £4.00p
1303 War Thistle 'A' Type £5.00p
1305 Angusburn 1920 general carrier £3.75p
1312 Fairfield coaster £1.50p
1334 Bangalore 1928 general carrier £5.00p
1284 City of Benares 1935 liner £7.50p
1242 Clan Macauley 1936 general carrier £8.00p
1235 Circassia 1937 liner £8.50p
1240 Gretavale 1937 general carrier £4.50p
1236 Egton 1938 general carrier £4.50p
1247 Bustler Class Tug 1940 £2.00p
Bangalow and Nonsuch
1335 Empire Malta Class 1944 general carrier £5.00p
1248 LST £2.00p
1249 LCG £2.00p1250 LSI Glenroy £7.50p
1232 British Endurance tanker £4.50p
1282 M V Sutherland general carrier £4.75p
1298 Tern 1950 general carrier £1.50p
Royal George and Wentworth
1299 Milo Short 1950 general carrier £2.00p
1300 Longfellow 1950 bulk carrier £4.50p
1301 Boheme 1950 general carrier £5.50p
1308 Rookwood 1950s £4.50p N/A
1297 Leda 1953 liner £7.00p
1302 British Sailor 1953 tanker £11
1309 Baron Inchcape 1956 general carrier £5.00p
1276 Flammingo Small cargo £2.00p
German World War Two 1306 Atlantic
1269 Class 4 U-Boat £1.50p
1274 'E' Boat MTB £0.50p
1211 'T' Class Escort £2.00p
1212 'F' Class Escort £2.00p
1227 Wolf Class Escort £2.25p
Torpedo boat n/a
1208 Narvik Class destroyer £3.50p
1317 Type 34 Destroyer £3.50p
1291 KSB 1-27 Minesweeper £2.25p
1338 Lati-25 armed coaster 1940 £1.75p
1339 Lat Orion 27-36 £1.75p
1340 Sat Westaaden armed coaster £1.75p
1341 KT49 armed coaster £1.75p
1345 Koln light cruiser £6.50p
1231 M35 minesweeper £2.25p
World War Two German Merchantmen
1294 Komet armed raider £.4.25p
1295 Orion armed raider £5.25p

1296 Atlantis armed raider £5.25p

1287 MAL supply lighter £1.20p
1288 MNL supply lighter £1.20p
1289 AF-1 1-120 transport ferry £1.70p

1290 Type 'D' transport ferry £1.70p

World War Two Italians
1277 Dardo Class Destroyer £2.75p
1278 Soldati class destroyer £2.75p
1280 Navagatori Destroyer £2.75p
1316 Maestral Destroyer £2.75p
1322 Spica Class Destroyer £2.00p
1281 Luigi Cadorna Class Cruiser £7.50p
1279 Condottiere Class Cruiser £7.50p
1313 Atlanta AA Cruiser £6.00
1225 Fletcher Class Destroyer £2.75p
1225D Buckley Class (Butler type)DE £2.00
1315 Porter Class Destroyer £2.75p
1318 Sims Class Destroyer £2.75p
1313 Sangamon Escort Carrier £8.50p
1332 Florida Battleship 1929 £9.50p
1255 Liberty Cargo Carrier £6.50p
1256 Liberty Tanker £6.50p
1332A Utah WW1 BB £9.50p
1332B Delaware WW1 BB £9.50p
1332C AG19 Utah 1941 £9.50p
1342 USS Indiana BB 1893 £5.50p
1346 LCL landing craft £1.70p
1248 LST £2.00p
1249 LCG £2.00p
1347 PC/AC minesweepe r £1.70p
World War Two Japanese
1239 Chitose Aircraft Carrier £9.50p
1260 Oi Light Cruiser 1944 £5.50p
1221 Kitakama cruiser 1944 £5.50p
1355 Kuma L/Cruiser 1941 £5.50
1356 Tenryu L/Cruiser 1941 £5.50
1219 Fubuki Class Destroyer £3.00p
1226 Akitsuki Destroyer £3.00p
1271 Kimikaze Class destroyer £2.75p
1272 Yugumo Class Destroyer £2.75p
1321 Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer £2.75p
1348 W17 type Minesweeper £2.00

1238 Mamiya naval cargo carrier £6.00p
1244 Tatekawa naval oil tanker £5.00p
1223 1/400 submarine £3.00p
1352 Satsuma, (2 Funnels) B/ship 1914 £7.00
Rest of the World
Cruiser De Ruyter painted by Roy Steel
1283 De Ruyter WW2 Dutch Cruiser £7.00p
1292 Nieuw Amsterdam Dutch Liner n/a

1366 Bouclier WW1 Destroyer £2.00
1314 La Fantasque WW2 French Destroyer £3.25p
1324 Mogador Class WW2 French Destroyer £3.00p
1358 Le Flore 600 Tonnes class Escort £2.00
Austro-Hungarian WW1
1329 Prinz Eugen WW1 Austro-Hung BB £9.50p
1329A Radetzy WW1 Austro-Hung BB £7.00
1285 Helgoland Austro-Hung cruiser £3.75p
1359 Tatra type Austro-Hung destroyer £1.75
1343 Fishing Boat 1890-1950 £1.50p
1344 Small fishing boats 1890-1950 x2 £1.50p
1349 Armed fishing boat WW1 & 2 £1.50p
1350 2 x small armed fishing boats £1.50p
1369 Generic type torpedo boat £2.00

This is a guide to searching for records of British Army officers who served in the First World War. Some First World War veterans continued to serve with the army after the war and for the records of these officers you may need to read the advice in our guide to British Army officers in service after 1918. However, many of the records in the First World War collections cover service up to 1920.

Officer ranks covered by this guide include Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, Brigadier and General.

How to get started

To uncover details of an officer’s service in the First World War you should begin by searching for the following three types of records:

  • Service record: If it survives it is likely to be the most detailed record for an officer that you will find but they are not available online. To see them you will need either to visit us or order a copy () to be sent to you.
  • Medal records: Low on detail but, unlike service records, available online. All soldiers of all ranks who served in a theatre of war were issued with at least one campaign medal; some were also awarded medals for gallantry and meritorious service though there are few surviving records of this type.
  • Unit war diaries: Among the records available online, unit war diaries hold the most promise for a picture of an officer’s time at war. You will need to know which unit, often a battalion, an officer served with to effectively search these records. If you do not know the exact unit in which he served you may be able to find out by consulting the medal records.

Whether other records survive or ever existed for an officer depend upon a number of variable factors. If, for example, an officer was wounded or taken prisoner, records may survive recording these events.

Online records

Unit war diaries from the Western Front, Mesopotamia and Gallipoli, 1914–1922

Search by unit name and number for the war diaries of British Army units that served on the Western Front and in Mesopotamia on our website () and for units that served in the Gallipoli Campaign at the Dardanelles on ().

See below for advice on searching for the war diaries of units that served elsewhere in the world during the war.

Campaign medal index cards, 1914–1920

For details of First World War awarded to both and other ranks, search and download () British Army medal index cards (WO 372) from our catalogue. These cards provided an index to the medal rolls (see below).

Not all officers applied for their campaign medals. Unit 1 agendasmrs. colville's math class. If an officer did not apply, there will be no medal index card.

Campaign medal rolls, 1914–1920

Search by name, regimental number and regiment the campaign medal rolls (WO 329) on Ancestry (). You may find abbreviations on a roll entry – some of these abbreviations are explained in our guide to British Army medal index cards.

The campaign medal roll usually contains the same information as the medal index card, but it may also provide the battalion or equivalent unit number.

Silver War Badge rolls, 1914–1920

Search the Silver War Badge rolls (WO 329) on Ancestry () by recipients’ name or by badge number.

The badge was awarded to all of those military personnel who were discharged as a result of sickness or wounds contracted or received during the war, either at home or overseas.

Official announcements of commissions and gallantry awards in the London Gazette

Search the London Gazette, the official journal of the British government, on The Gazette website for announcements of British Army officers’ commissions and gallantry awards.

First World War British Army Lists

Search the British Army Lists 1882–1962 by name on the Fold3 website () – you can search the lists at () but for images of the lists you will need to go to These online versions include all the First World War lists, originally published at monthly or quarterly intervals.

Monthly Army Lists contain lists of officers by regiment and include details of:

  • promotions and appointments
  • deaths of officers, with date and cause
  • regiment’s location

Quarterly Army Lists feature lists of regular army officers by rank in seniority order and include details of:

  • promotions, with dates
  • gallantry medals
  • war service since April 1881 (in January issue only, 1909–1922)

Prisoner of war records, 1914–1918

See our guide to records of British prisoners of the First World War for details of the prisoner of war records available online.

Records available only at The National Archives in Kew

To access these records you will either need to visit us, pay for research () or, where you can identify a specific , order a copy ().

Officers’ service records, 1914–1922

There are over 217,000 British Army ‘ service records for the First World War held by The National Archives. An officer’s file originally had three parts but two of these were destroyed by enemy action in September 1940. What remains was heavily weeded prior to 1940 and in many cases this means that nothing remains for many officers.

Search our catalogue for references to officers’ service records by name in record series WO 339 and WO 374:

The content of the files varies – some have simply a note of the date of death whilst others contain attestation papers for those commissioned from the ranks, a record of service, personal correspondence and other items.

Alternatively, click on the links below to search more specifically for references to:

  • records of officers who finished serving before 1922, by first and last name inWO 339. WO 339 includes officers who were given a temporary commission in the regular army, those who were commissioned into the Special Reserve of officers and those who were regular army officers before the war.
  • records of officers given a Territorial Army commission or a temporary commission, by first and last name, regiment and rank,in WO 374.
  • officer’s long numbers in the online indexes in WO 338 – this is only worthwhile if you have not found anything in WO 339 or WO 374 (please be aware that the online indexes are very large files and only suitable for download on a fast and unlimited broadband connection). Long numbers for officers in the WO 374 series start with the first letter of the surname and the first vowel of the surname. The number for Anderson, for example will start with AE (references starting with a P refer to records which are still held by the Ministry of Defence). To search WO 374 with an officers name and number, remove the initials from the number. For example if the long number is AE/279, simply search for Anderson 279.

Famous army officers

Search by name among the service records of a few notable individuals (WO 138), such as Wilfred Owen and Field Marshal Douglas Haig, in our catalogue.

Unit war diaries from Russia, British colonies and other theatres of operations, 1914–1922

Search by unit name and number for document references to unit war diaries of British Army units that served in Russia, British colonies and other theatres of operations. This series of records, WO 95, also contains diaries for units located on the Western Front, in Mesopotamia and Gallipoli, but for advice on locating those diaries see the Online records section of this guide.

For more detailed advice see our guide to British Army operations in the First World War.

Records in other archives and organisations

Sandhurst registers, 1783–1964

Visit the Sandhurst Collection website to search by name and download () the registers of cadets who attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst 1783–1964. These contain the cadets’ dates of attendance and may also include other personal information such as date of birth, school attended, religion and their father’s profession.

First World War pension record cards for servicemen killed or injured

Search among the First World War pension record cards on () – you can also search on () but for images of the records you will need to go to

World War One Mr. Mac's Class Website Free

The cards record details of the pension entitlements of soldiers and other servicemen killed or injured in the war, both of officers and other ranks, and of the widows and dependants of deceased soldiers.

The much larger collection of originals are in the care of The Western Front Association (WFA) but had previously been held locally, around the country, and then by the Ministry of Defence. Read the WFA’s article on the records for more information.

Absent Voters Lists, 1918–1921

Search for a soldier by name in the Absent Voters Lists, taken from electoral registers held at the British Library, on () and ().

The Absent Voter Lists enabled servicemen and women away from home to vote by proxy or by postal application. They record the address, service number and regimental details of each person.


Indian Army records

Records of officers in the Indian Army are held at the British Library.

Other resources

Printed British Army Lists

Consult the official published Army Lists to trace an officer’s career in the British Army. These are the original printed versions of the online lists described above. There are monthly lists (1798–1940), quarterly lists (1879–1922 and 1940–1950) and half-yearly lists (1923–1950), as well as the ongoing modern Army List (1951–), for the regular army in this period. All the monthly lists and the quarterly lists for 1940–1950 include officers of colonial, militia and territorial units. All lists contain dates of commission and promotion.


Choose from a wide selection of First World War books at The National Archives bookshop. The following publications are available at The National Archives’ Library at Kew:

World War One Mr. Mac's Class Website Online

The Cross of Sacrifice: An Alphabetically Compiled record of British Officers who Died in Service of Their Country, Identifying Where They Died and are Commemorated by S D and D B Jarvis (Roberts Medals, 1993)

Officers Died in the Great War (Samson Books, 1979)

Commissioned Officers in the Medical Services of the British Army 1660–1960 by A Peterkin (The Wellcome Historical medical Library, 1968)

World War One Mr. Mac's Class Websites

The Roll of Honour: A Biographical Record of Members of His Majesty’s Naval and Military Forces who Fell in the Great War by the Marquis de Ruvigny (London Stamp Exchange, 1987)

World War One Mr. Mac's Class Website -

First World War Army Service Records by William Spencer (The National Archives, 2008)