World Hardest Game 4

  • Play World's Hardest Game 4 for free on Crazy Games. It is one of our best Arcade games!
  • Fallout 4: The 10 Hardest Encounters In The Entire Game. Fallout 4 may not be as difficult as the series' first few entries, but there are certainly a few enemies able to give players a run for.
  • Worlds hardest games! This studio is for fun, hard games as well as tests! If you want to be a manager, than create a TWHG that is POSSIBLE, but I can't beat:) To become a curator, Add at least 3 projects. (Some exceptions.) I may promote random users though, even when they haven't met the goals (Usually my following and followers.).

Worlds Hardest Game 4 is a stunning free game that you can appreciate when your feeling tired without downloading onto your personal computer, tablet or mobile phone on your preferred web program at This game has been viewed by generally 1.94k people with an average user rated score of 3.7/5 from 3. World’s Hardest Game 4 is a sequel to the popular World’s Hardest Game serie. The rules are the same, you are the red square, you must avoid the blue color objects, while trying to collect as many yellow coins as possible.

World Hardest Game 4

World’s Hardest Game 4

Can you get through mazes filled with ice, water, conveyor belts, and moving platforms?
Arrow keys = Move

Collect powercubes, avoid obstacles, and stay on track!
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How do you think the world's hardest game should look like? Algebra imath problem solving. Don't spend your time on blind guess, click to launch the game and see for yourself. It's both simple and hard at the time, so everything depends on you!

Close the door and turn off your cell-phone, as the time for the world's hardest game has come. Spend your time on completing its difficult levels and finish the game having all coins. Move the red block among rotating blades, gaps and other obstacles. Mind the color of the floor, it will give a hint about its condition.

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World Hardest Game 4


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World Hardest Game 4 Hacked


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