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Welcome to Gregory, where residents believe that a college house should be more than just a place to study for your Econ 001 midterm, sleep in a one-bedroom, and grab the occasional free slice of pizza. Although the House does provide all that, it is also a place where you can explore new things and feel a real sense of community.
For a start, Gregory celebrates diversity through its Modern Languages Program and cinema through the Film Culture series. But even if German leaves you tongue-tied and the Oscars give you a headache, you will still be welcomed to Sunday brunches, study breaks, and weekly BYOM hot chocolate nights with open arms. Robot software free. With a supportive network of GAs, RAs and dynamic student staff, there's always something going on and someone to talk to - this is a house that's got your back.
So try a new French phrase in the mosaic-festooned Greenhouse, engage in a Star Wars vs. Star Trek debate in the Film Lounge, or simply laugh until you can't breathe in the piano lounge when you're supposed to be studying - this is a House that will embrace you. Visit for a while, or stay four years. Either way, we hope you'll feel at home here.

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--Vicky Sakr ‘06, Gregory Alumni Society Chair and Lucid Award Winner 2006