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We strongly believe that smart machines and Advanced Manufacturing will become the most disruptive era in the history of ICT. Software centricity is the very heart of this shift. Software will be everywhere — and we mean everywhere.

Our mission is to help our customers to make this happen — following a pattern already seen in automotive industry where software contributes to over 90% of innovation.


Our focus is in smart connected vehicles and machines & advanced manufacturing; the manufacturers as well as their supply chain. Our ambition is to help customers develop winning products and experiences leveraging a productname='prodapt'>

Prodapt is a two-decade-old consulting & managed services provider, singularly focused on the telecom/DSP (digital service provider) ecosystem that helps clients transform their IT, products, operations, and networks to meet their strategic objectives.
Mesh Systems
Mesh Systems is an Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Innovator providing enterprise-grade implementations to Fortune 500 companies. Our engineers have deep expertise across IoT hardware design, Embedded Software development, wireless systems, and cloud-based business applications. With 15 years of experience delivering realsolutions to real customers, Mesh Systems is the ideal partner to develop new connected products, scale your proof-of-concept to commercial volumes, or complement & enable internal teams.
Arkessa is a leading M2M managed services provider, delivering global connectivity services and solutions through unrivaled multi-network connectivity in all regions of the World and true pole-to-pole coverage.
Vinnter is an innovation & engineering consultancy firm specialised in accelerating product development, enabling smart connected products and new digital services, with strong focus on industrial grade Internet of Things (IoT) solutions
Redsalt is a software engineering company in developing, testing and integration of software applications and embedded systems. They support convergence of embedded systems with M2M, Telematics, telecommunication systems and Internet.Year founded: 2007

Vaisto Dog Food

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Vai Stock

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