Thinktactoe And Homeworkmac's History provides Edexcel and AQA GCSE history knowledge tests. Covering many units from the specification the tests cover all of the four GCSE Assessment Objectives.

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And offers specific tests and quizzes that cover all of the prescribed content for Edexcel and AQA’s most popular Thematic, British, Period and Modern World studies. Simply choose a particular test for homework or revision purposes and test your student’s knowledge.

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Learn about the Civil War with these free printables, including a Civil War word search, crossword puzzle, vocabulary words, and coloring pages. Alpha Phi Omega - Its Founding and History 1. Emma Wise, a graduate of Allegheny College, joined Alpha Phi Omega in 2009. Programs acelerar pc windows 7digishara. Since that time, Emma Wise has completed numerous service projects both through the organization and on an individual level.

Once you’ve selected a test, choose which students you would like to complete the questions. Once set, individual students can log in and complete the tasks.


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Each test includes a variety of question types including ‘fill the gap’ and ‘match the definition’ as well as tick and multi-choice questions. The questions are designed to assess your students’ substantive and disciplinary knowledge. Questions also check your class’s ability to understand key terms, decode examination questions and assess their chronological understanding.

View instant graphs of the whole groups results and quickly identify gaps in their knowledge and understanding. Alternatively, choose to view the results by assessment objective to see where they struggle.

Each test report also provides a detailed breakdown of how each individual got on with each question. This helps inform future planning and it identifies individual targets for your students.

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