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How do you keep your class focused? Because a class of students is filled with many different personalities, focus can sometimes be an elusive thing. All it takes is one student challenging your classroom rules – in a large or small way – to change the tone of the entire classroom that day. Other times there will be external forces at work, like an upcoming holiday or schoolwide event. However, for you to be the most effective teacher you can be, you must be consistent despite the disruptions and challenges that occur on a daily basis. Here are a few classroom management tips to help you maintain balance in the classroom.

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Classroom Management Tips

One way to maintain some consistency throughout the length and breadth of a school year is by employing these classroom management tips:

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1. Greet Your Students Personally

Meeting each of your students at the door with a personal greeting helps to build rapport. This isn’t just a first-day-of-school technique – greeting your students as they come into your classroom should happen all year long. It lets them know that you see them as individuals and creates trust and respect… which carries over into the teaching and learning that happens once class begins.


2. Set Clear Expectations

Of course, the other part of the above tip is that you must communicate your expectations clearly. If you want your students to be respectful, you must tell them that. Model what that respect will look like in a number of situations – on the playground, in the hallway, and in your classroom. Respect for you as their teacher means no talking while you are talking. Respect for each other means being considerate of others’ feelings and ideas. Respect for themselves means their best efforts in everything they do in your classroom.

3. Assume the Best

Your students will behave as you expect them to. If you begin with the assumption that there will be misbehavior, chances are they will fulfill that expectation. However, if you expect the best from them and communicate these expectations, they will do everything they can to meet your assumptions about their character and abilities. It’s just human nature, and it’s at work in everyone from children to adults.

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4. Demonstrate

It’s likely you have certain procedures designed to make each day run smoothly. For some students, just telling them what those procedures are won’t be enough. Showing them, however, will help it stick. Interactive modeling will put actions to the words you use. If your morning routine includes coming in quietly, hanging up backpacks, stowing lunchboxes in cubbies, placing homework in a designated spot, and sitting down, demonstrate that procedure. As the year progresses, re-demonstrate it if need be.

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5. Find the Right Tone of Voice

The tone of voice you use when speaking to your students matters. Using the wrong tone can have far-reaching effects, especially from your at-risk students. Every class will be different, so what worked for last year’s class might not quite fit the students you have this year. It might take a few days to get your tone just right, but once you do, the rewards can be big. Remember this when you must correct students, individually and as a group.

6. Correct Minor Infractions

Students will test boundaries. It’s up to you to correct these forays into poor behavior before they become larger issues. If your students learn that you won’t let even the smallest infraction slip by, you will maintain your authority over your class. Just be sure that your correction is proportional to the infraction.

7. Remain Positive

There will be days that challenge you and your students, no matter what. No one is immune to feeling defeated from time to time, and that feeling can spread if you allow it. As difficult as it might seem to remain positive in the face of challenges, you owe it to yourself and your class to turn negative feelings around. Take a deep breath and summon your powers of positivity.

8. Have a Plan

No teacher walks into the classroom unprepared. You know what your students need to learn, and you prepare the path for them to develop that knowledge. On the days when the planned lesson goes off the rails, having a backup plan (or three) will come in handy. Consider the overall personality of your class and develop a contingency plan that will help get your students back on track.

9. Praise and Recognize

It’s a boost to be praised for something you do well – and your students are no different. How you do it, however, will have a bearing on how your students receive such praise. Research suggests that over-the-top praise in front of the class serves little purpose for motivating students. However, delivering praise subtly and quietly –even something as simple as a pat on the back – makes it personal and effective. Build positive relationships with your students and they will want to learn with you.

A Great School Year Depends on Classroom Management

Classroom management is a big part of teaching. Maintaining focus and a sense of purpose in the classroom can be a challenge on some days. Building positive teacher-student relationships helps to diminish many of these challenges. If your school uses a PBIS framework, however, classroom expectations are part a larger framework of schoolwide expectations. The reinforcement of these concepts schoolwide can boost classroom management for every teacher.

What’s more, if your school uses PBIS Rewards, recognizing and rewarding students can be a great deal simpler with a digital token economy system. Acknowledging positive behavior is as easy as a quick scan or keystroke. Recognize one student or an entire class quickly, and move on to the next part of your lesson plan.

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Mrs Mac's
HeadquartersPerth, Western Australia
Paul Slaughter, CEO
Revenue$97 million
(year ending December 2012)[2]

Mrs Mac's Pies are a family owned, Australian food company manufacturing meat pies sold throughout Australia and New Zealand and produced in Perth, Western Australia.


In the 1950s Ken Macgregor started up a small business in Melbourne manufacturing cakes, yeast buns and pies. By 1954, the owner had moved his family to Perth and restarted his wholesale business as 'Bakewell Pies'. The business moved to its Morley site in 1968 and the next generation of the family, Iain Macgregor became the new owner of the business. In the late 1980s, the business had seen vast growth in distribution, new technology and products developed and the company rebranded to the Mrs Mac's name.[3]

In February 2015, Mrs Mac's appointed Paul Slaughter as CEO.[4][5]


Create dynamic blocks autocad. Mrs Mac's are now sold throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. The Mrs Mac's range has grown extensively in recent years with the introduction of Good Eating, Microwave, Gluten Free, Bake Your Own, Chef's Own and Gourmet.[6]

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Mrs Mac's Good Eating range has also gained the Heart Foundation Tick of Approval, Healthy Kids Amber Rating and FOCiS Approval for a number of their products.[7]

Mrs Mac's recently attained BRC accreditation.[citation needed] BRC is a global food safety system standard based on HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure production of safe quality product. The system is third party audited on regular basis in addition to other specific customer and retailer audits.


Mrs Mac's has undertaken various advertising campaigns over the years. In 2007, Mrs Mac's launched the slow food campaign, encouraging consumers to see its products as something best eaten in moderation and in a family environment.

In 2010, Mrs Mac's launched a new look with new packaging, advertising, social media and promotions driving the tagline 'If it's not a Mrs Mac's, take it back!'[4][8]

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In 2014, Mrs Mac's underwent a rebrand. On the back of it, a series of online content was produced highlighting use of 100% Aussie beef, hand-checking was a quality measure and that their pastry was made the old-fashioned way. They also brought the 'show' on the road with the Roadtrip campaign and the radio Nova Team.

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