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Play donBoss
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Find all 17 ways to whack your boss in this violent interactive animation created using Flash. These were published about 1 year prior to the Great Recession of 2008. Their popularity fueled multiple remakes in different scenarios. BeginGames.Com Funny Games Whack Your Boss Anything is possible, tell your friends and share. We will provide a better gaming experience. Whack Your Boss (17ways) Game online, free - Your boss comes to recharge work, youre in total stress they no longer stand the paperwork. His criticism bother you and bring out the worst in you. And the day comes that you decide to avenge a not peaceful manner. Game Info - Can you find all 17 ways to whack your boss? 10 ways to be more productive. Define Your Space. Structure Your Time. Outsource All You Can. Use Technology to Your Advantage. Group Your Errands. Beware of Yappers. Work With Your Moods. Dress for success. Break for your superiors. In this interactive flash are seven ways of how to get rid of your evil boss. Whack Your Boss is a funny game in which you get to whack your boss. Buy different weapons and abilities in order to finish your boss. Play Angry Boss now for amazing fun!

BossWe present long-awaited, updated version of the cult game “Whack Your Boss 2”. The game describes the relationships of an average employee, who only thinks about killing his boss, with his chief. The first part of the game has gained such a great love among users that the founders have decided to please patient employees once again, but as you know, patience has a limit. Let’s talk about the second part of the game. The essence of it has not changed; you are still the same loser, the life of whom is not glued. You have no friends, you are thought to be a complete jerk at work, your work is not noticed, you paid too little, and your life is a continuous hell. You are constantly pushed by supervisor who keeps expressing their discontent. But your nerves are not steel! Give vent to his aggression, the day of reckoning is very close! There is constant desire to stuff his face, throw in a telephone into him, to hit with a heavy object, stab a knife in his limbs and do other nasty things. Of course you want this, but the case is that you can`t do this to your real boss, and then why not try to do this with the virtual one. Whack Your Boss 2 gives you a few graphic lessons of how to misconduct in office. The new version of Whack Your Boss 2 has enough fun and greatly realized graphics, with many bloody moments and even more violence added to gaming process. In the second part you have even more items to conduct your revenge and 24 ways to kill your hated boss and throw out your anger. You can use scissors, stapler, trash, umbrella, monitor and so on. If you are tired of Tiran boss and you crave to hit him, but do not want to go to jail for a long time, then this game is created for you.

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