Open Invitations And Home Page Changes


How to make graduation invitations

  1. Pick a size and shape

    Click the “Resize” tab to choose from a wide selection of sizes for your graduation invitation. Scroll down to the “Standard” section and choose your preferred dimensions.

  2. Choose a theme

    Themes give you the opportunity to choose a combination of message, text font, colors, and background image that works best for graduations. Choose a theme appropriate to the occasion.

  3. Personalize with images

    Click on “Background” to choose from a selection of photo filters that can be used as your invitation’s background. Alternately, you can upload an image of your own or choose from an online selection.

  4. Select a font

    This is your chance to send a personal, meaningful message to friends and family. Select the “Text” tab to enter new text and make changes to font, color, spacing, shape, alignment, and opacity.

  5. Download, share, or print your invite

    You can share graduation party invitations via the “Share” link. You can also download your invitation for printing.

Most people have certain Web sites that they check each time they open Internet Explorer to go online. You can change your home page in Internet Explorer so that every time you launch it, it opens to the same page or pages. The home page can be a corporate site, a port (like Google), your Facebook page, or even your personal Web site.

Open Invitations And Home Page Changes
  1. Open IE and choose Tools→Internet Options.

    The Internet Options dialog box opens.

  2. Click the General tab; enter a Web site address or addresses that you want to appear whenever you go online.

    Note that you can enter several home pages that will appear on different tabs every time you open IE.

  3. Alternatively, click one of the buttons in the Home Page area below the text box.

    The following option buttons allow you to set the home page without having to type the URLs. When you click one of these buttons, it replaces any Web page or pages that are currently set as your home page.

    • Use Current: Sets whatever page is currently displayed in the browser window as your home page.

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    • Use Default: Sets your home page as the MSN home page.

    • Use Blank: If you’re a minimalist, this setting is for you. No Web page appears; you just see a blank area.

  4. Click OK.

  5. Click the Home Page icon to go to your home page.

The standard invitation size for formal events like weddings and achievement ceremonies is 5 x 7 inches, but invitations for less formal events like birthdays and graduation parties are 4 x 6 inches. A smaller size, 5.25 x 5.25, is often used for more modern designs. Custom Invitations from Zazzle. Ready to step up your invitation game? Wow your friends and family with a hand-designed personal invite for your next get-together. From birthday parties to baby showers to weddings - any invitation can be customized just the way you want it. Imagine your guests’ faces when they open the envelope to a beautiful.

Open Invitations And Home Page Changes Pdf

Open Invitations And Home Page Changes

Open Invitations And Home Page Changes Word

To remove a home page you have set up, click the arrow on the Home Page button, choose Remove, and then select a particular home page or choose Remove All from the sub-menu that appears.