News And Notes For Almost Finished January!teach To Be Happy

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  1. News And Notes For Almost Finished January Teach To Be Happy Wishes

Only two matches the entire night went the full three periods and only three others went into the second. The others were ended in the first with pins from the Xavier wrestlers.

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'I'm happy all the seniors won tonight. Every single one won. That's good. We wrestled well. It was good. I don't know what else to say. It's something you can't complain about,' said coach Mike Cunningham. 'I'm happy for the four years of these guys wrestling in the program, and all the parents here tonight. For the last time they're going to wrestle at Xavier, it's a good thing.'

Brian Meskill, 140-pounds, and Marco Tellerico, 145-pounds, started the night by pinning their opponents quickly in the first period. Keith Hosking, 152-pounds, led 7-0 after the first period and won on a technical fall early in the second period.

John Holzinger, 160-pounds, led 5-0 at the end of the first period. He had his opponent nearly pinned, and probably would have finished the job had time not expired. He took care of what he had started 20 seconds into the second period.

Will Booz, 171-pounds, had the quickest pin of the night, after only 31 seconds. Erik Slayton, 189-pounds, followed suit with a pin of Branford at 53 seconds. Two quick Branford forfeits, at 215-pounds and 275-pounds, put Xavier up 47-0.

'We've been bumping Erik Slayton, our 171-pound freshman, up to 189 and he's been doing well. He's giving about 20 pounds and he's been winning,' said Cunningham.

The lone six points Xavier allowed were on a forfeit at 103-pounds.


At 112-pounds, Kevin Laursen continued the winning ways for Xavier, and the pinning trend. He pinned his opponent early in the second period after narrowly leading the first 2-0. Justin Lavette, 119-pounds, made quick work of his opponent, pinning him after 48 seconds.


Colin Carrabetta, 125-pounds, led by a point after the first but opened up a larger lead in the second. Near the end of the second period, he had his opponent almost pinned, but time expired. He went on to a 16-10 victory.

At 130-pounds, Joe Smith had the closest match of the night. At the end of the first period, Josh Styles of Branford led Smith 2-0. At the end of the second period, they were tied at two. As time was running dangerously short, Smith got the point he needed on an escape, and escaped with a 3-2 win.

'I threw in Colin Carrabetta, at 125, who's normally not a starter. He ended up pulling off that win. I was happy for him because he doesn't wrestle a lot and he pulled one out, so it was good. Then Joe Smith came through with a big escape at the end,' said Cunningham.

News And Notes For Almost Finished January!teach To Be HappyNotes

Phil Silverio, 135-pounds, finished the meet as it had begun, with a pin. He pinned his opponent in a mere 45 seconds.

'They're a little injured and banged up, Branford is, so they didn't have their usual lineup but we still came out to wrestle. The kids were pretty pumped up, because it was senior night,' Cunningham said.

That fact was quite apparent. Branford never stood a chance.

'We're starting to get down to tournament time so it's a good sign I hope. We're not gonna get too confident but we're gonna build on it. We wrestle tough this week. We wrestle Ledyard, Southington, a couple of top 10 schools, and Amity next Wednesday. So we still have to work hard. We're gonna go build on this and keep working hard,' said Cunningham.

'I'm speechless tonight,' he said with a smile.

News And Notes For Almost Finished January Teach To Be Happy Wishes

Anytime a coach is speechless, you know you have done something right.