New Themes: Aroma And Brisk

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  1. New Themes: Aroma And Brisket
  2. New Themes: Aroma And Brisk Lemonade
  3. New Themes: Aroma And Brisk Iced Tea

It’s January, which means lots of rain, and what better way to get through the wet weather than with some delicious hot tea! From classic cups to brand new brews, enjoy this list of 10 tea recipes to try out just in time for National Hot Tea Day.

1. Honey Chamomile Tea Latte

New Themes: Aroma And Brisk

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Warm yourself up with this post-Christmas delight, being sure to add your natural sweetener with either honey or cinnamon. This concoction works great as a pre-naptime drink or hot brew after dinner.

New themes: aroma and brisk iced tea

2. London Fog Latte

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Sticking with the latte theme, the London Fog Tea Latte is perfect for those cold, misty nights. A mix of Earl Grey, milk, sugar, vanilla and the secret ingredient of lavender gives you a warm fuzzy feeling as you sip. Check out therecipe here.

3. Ginger Apple Tea

A drink designed to give you a sense of calm, wind down from a stressful day’s work with this piquant drink that’ll leave you feeling hydrated and relaxed, not to mention the health benefits. Ginger tea can boost your immunity, relieve nausea, improve stomach performance, blood circulation and even reduce inflammation! Find the recipe here.

4. Rose Roselle and Apple Tea

Keep it light, fruity and aesthetic with the Rose Roselle and Apple Tea. One of the most distinctive elements of this tea is its appealing aroma. As you pour from the Thermos® Tumbler, be sure to take in the vibrant smell before your first taste. Find the recipe here.

5. Hot Apple Cinnamon Tea

New themes: aroma and brisk iced tea

Keeping with the apple theme, this tea requires apple juice, not apple slices, giving a far more integrated apple taste into the drink, while the cinnamon helps to give it that sweet taste. Best consumed with a Thermos® Mug, find the recipe here.

6. Berry Lemonade tea

Get a fruity fizz with this tasty tea! With a mix of natural lemonade, berries and honey, this enlivening tea can lift your spirits even in the rainy weather. Check the recipe here.

7. Spiced Apple Tea

New Themes: Aroma And Brisket

Add some spice to your life with this Spiced Apple Tea! With a maple and cardamom focus, this tea is ideal for creating the perfect balance between spicy and smooth. Top tip: add some apple slices to your teapot for that extra fruity kick. Find your recipe here.

8. Luo Han Guo Lemon Tea

New Themes: Aroma And Brisk Lemonade

Warmup games elementary p.e. games youtube. Moving away from apples, but sticking with fruit, Luo Han Guo, also known as monk fruit, with a helping of lemon, can work as a delicious tea! Great for helping with a sore throat and cough, this tea can act as a soothing agent for a tickly throat, as well as being delicious, and all stored in the Thermos® One-Push Tumbler.

9. Lavender Chamomile Tea

This light, refreshing tea works as a perfect refresher throughout the day. Storing it in the Thermos® Mug with Handle & Strainer means you can enjoy it whenever you want throughout the day. Find the recipe here.

10. Perfect Vanilla Tea

New Themes: Aroma And Brisk Iced Tea

You’ve heard of vanilla tea, but have you ever heard of Perfect Vanilla Tea? Well here it is! Cinnamon, sugar, spices and vanilla extract make this warm tea one you want to curl up to. Find perfection here.