New Theme: Paris

Product Code: KC2106Our La Classique Paris Theme Kit will take each party guest on a rendezvous to Paris, France. The large Parisian props allow for unique photo ops. Due to distribution and licensing specifications, this product cannot be shipped outside USA. A new 1950s themed land at Paultons Park called Tornado Springs was due to open this year, but was postponed due to coronavirus until March 19 next year. The setting is a mid-west desert resort. Of course, there’s more to come at Disneyland Paris! The new Disney Junior Dream Factory will soon invite kids and their parents to experience an interactive, musical show in a brand-new theater along with Disney Junior’s most beloved characters, from timeless ones like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse to rising stars like Fancy Nancy. Epcot’s French section is also seeing a substantial overhaul, with a new Beauty and the Beast movie accompanying “Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure” and La Creperie de Paris for food.

Choosing a theme for your New Year’s Eve party can set the tone for the entire night. New Year’s Eve is a fun and exciting time all about reflecting on the past year while looking forward to crafting new memories with loved ones. Your party’s style should match this special sentiment from start to finish with a theme that spreads good cheer. Whether you’re looking to plan a casual gathering or go all out with a formal celebration, these New Year’s Eve party themes will help you ring in the New Year the right way.

New Year’s Eve Party Checklist

In order to avoid stress and save some time, there are a few items to keep in mind when mapping out your party theme. Everything from choosing a concept and setting a budget, to finding those unforgettable New Year’s Eve party invitations can be found below.

  • Choose a New Year’s Eve party theme that you feel excited about. Make sure you absolutely love the theme you’re choosing since you’ll be the host or hostess. Being enthusiastic about your theme will drastically increase the party in your planning.
  • Decide who you want to invite. Write down who you’d like to invite so you can get an idea of the size of your party, along with how many invites you’ll need to order. This tip will keep you organized and on track with what you’ll need to buy for your party down the road.
  • Choose a space to host your party and accommodate your guests. Now that you’ve got your mind made up on a theme and you have a guest list set, you can decide if you want to host your party at home or at a venue. If you’re looking for a more intimate party with family and friends, opt for a celebration at home so you can save money. If you’re hosting more than 50 guests, you should look into affordable venues that are local and easy to access.
  • Send party invitations three weeks in advance. Choose New Year’s Eve party invitations that match your theme and send them early so guests can RSVP during the busy holiday season. Don’t forget to include pertinent information or details about themed dress codes or costume requirements on your invites. Consider a similar card style to your New Years cards for consistency.
  • Decide on a budget for food and drinks. Now that you’ve got your theme, guest list, and invitations squared away, you can set a budget that covers all your party needs and wants. Since this is New Year’s Eve, you’ll want to offer a nice selection of drinks and serve foods that are easy to eat.
  • Find themed decorations that are unique to your party style. Since New Year’s Eve parties are all about making your theme as entertaining as possible, you should begin looking for themed decorations and planning out DIY projects in early December. You may have to browse the web a bit to find the decorations that are specific to your theme so an early start isn’t a bad idea.
  • Host games or activities that are entertaining or fulfilling. Don’t forget to host 1-2 games or activities that keep your guests in good spirits. Whether you’re looking to have attendees guess each others’ New Year’s resolutions or play a game of pictionary, games are always a win at any party.

If you’re looking for in-depth tips about decorations, food, and party favors, visit our article on New Year’s Eve party ideas to improve your party planning process. Now that you’re ready to get the party started, we’ve provided a unique list of New Year’s Eve party themes below that will guide you in the right direction for your celebration.

Masquerade Party

Add some mystery to your New Year’s Eve party with an enchanting masquerade ball party theme. Masquerade parties never go out of style and are usually quite formal. You can supply attendees with masks or encourage them to create their own. Make sure you have ample room for a dance floor and use a black, gold, and green color scheme to make this theme come alive.

Rest and Relaxation

Ditch the glitz and glam for a relaxing spa party with your favorite girls. This is an intimate and non-traditional way to celebrate the New Year that most attendees end up loving. You can set up stations for massages, mani-pedis, and facials to pamper your guests for a fresh New Year’s start. Guests can also create their own facial scrubs to take home as a party favor.

First We Feast

If your New Year’s Resolution involves avoiding carbs and exercising more often, throw one last showdown with some of your favorite dishes. You can turn this idea into a full-fledged theme by asking attendees to bring their favorite guilty pleasure food to contribute to the party. Try setting up food-inspired decorations to make your last feast of the year comical, such as cardboard donuts, food-shaped balloons, and signs with funny quotes. Lastly, send guests off with party favors focused on their health such as a yoga mat, a healthy list of recipes, or a custom water bottle.

Decade Party

Who doesn’t love a flashback party? Add a fun factor to your New Year’s countdown by throwing a decade party, dedicated to the 70s, 80s, or 90s. This is a fun costume-oriented idea that encourages attendees to get creative and reminisce on some of their favorite moments in pop culture and history. Your decorations and music selections should align with the decade you’ve chosen, along with a photo booth full of humorous props from the glory days. This is also the perfect theme for a few rounds of karaoke.

All That Glitters

Canon pixma mp280 software download. You can never go wrong with a bit of shine and sparkle for your New Year’s Eve party theme. Host a celebration with decorations and tableware inspired by glitter, in addition to making a lasting impression with a glitter invitation. You can decorate champagne and wine glasses with glitter, along with creating your own banners to match. You can also get creative with your desserts and use edible glitter to enhance your bites.

Black Light Party

Black light parties, also known as “glow” parties, are great for kids and teenagers. In order to make this party a success, cover your windows with black construction paper and then swap your regular light bulbs out for black light bulbs. You can hang neon decorations near the black lights around your party set-up to make this theme cool and colorful.

Around the World

The New Year doesn’t just occur stateside. Honor New Year’s traditions from other countries by hosting an ‘Around the World’ party that highlights how other cultures ring in the New Year. In Spain, it is tradition to eat 12 grapes in the last 12 seconds of the countdown to midnight. In Brazil, friends and family gather to eat lentils which are supposed to bring good fortune and wealth. In Denmark, loved ones break dishes in front of their friends’ doors in order to show how fortunate they are to have so many friends.

Western New Year’s Eve Party

Break out the cowboy boots, barbecue, and country music for a Western-inspired New Year’s Eve celebration. This is an alternative theme that’s family-friendly and gives attendees a chance to do something new for New Year’s Eve. Encourage guests to wear their favorite cowboy boots and get ready for a night of traditional country food, games, and dancing.

Black and White Ball

If you’re looking for a formal New Year’s Eve party theme, this is the perfect idea for you. Throw a chic and elegant black and white ball at a small to medium sized venue and set a dress code. You can send formal party invitations and use black and white decor throughout your party to keep this theme cohesive.

Casino Night Party

Host an entertaining casino night for your attendees with plenty of casino games! You won’t have to worry about keeping your guests entertained with this party theme. You can set up areas for common casino games such as poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, or bingo. If you’re looking for a DIY project, you can also create your own big six wheel.

Hollywood Themed New Year’s Eve Party

Bring Hollywood to your home with a glamorous Hollywood themed New Year’s Eve celebration. You can host a red carpet with photo opportunities, along with a fancy cocktail hour before the big countdown. Remind guests to dress their best and don’t forget to send each attendee off with their own Hollywood movie star. This theme includes plenty of black, white, gold, and red decor.

Times Square Party

Recreate the eclectic energy and vibes of New York City with this Times Square inspired party. NYC is notorious for their New Year’s Eve countdown in Times Square. You can mirror this annual famed moment by setting up decor inspired by the big apple throughout your party, along with NYC-inspired street food to stay true to the theme. Most importantly, don’t forget to emulate the epic “ball drop” at midnight in Times Square by creating your own colorful and shiny ball to hang from the ceiling.

New Theme: Paris Wikipedia

Pop, Fizz, Clink!

Turn your classic New Year’s Eve love for bubbly into a Champagne-inspired party. You can decorate your party set-up with champagne colored decor and create a bar with different types of Champagne cocktails. Attendees can also decorate their own Champagne glasses if you’re looking to add a charming activity to your party. You can find more ideas just like this one in our guide on cocktail party ideas.

Eco-Friendly Party

New Theme: Paris

End the year by getting a head start with your New Year’s resolution to be more eco-friendly. Host a party with eco-friendly decorations and tableware, along with organic and locally grown foods. You can also purchase champagne and wine from a local vendor, in addition to sending guests off with party favors from a local shop. When it comes to games, get creative by making a quiz with questions about going green and give a prize to the winner with the most correct answers.


Giving Back for New Year’s Eve

If you’re looking to try a different route this New Year’s Eve, host a party all about giving back. Whether you’re looking to do a silent auction night and give the proceeds to charity or make blankets with friends for a local non-profit organization, this is more than just a party theme. You can use this time frame when loved ones get together the most to help improve the lives of others.

A Night in Paris

Enjoy New Year’s Eve with a Parisian inspired party theme characterized by French cuisine, Eiffel tower decorations, and plenty of floral accents. This is an intimate and fun theme that can be used for a couples-only party or a gathering with friends.

New Year Resolution Costume Party

This theme is all about New Year’s resolutions. Have your guests come dressed as their actual New Year’s resolution for the ultimate costume party. Let your guests know the specific details when you send out New Year’s Eve party invitations and be sure to encourage recipients to think outside the box when it comes to creating their costume. You’ll want to decorate your party with positive and funny Happy New Year wishes and signage, too.

New Theme: Paris

Midnight Brunch

New Year’s Eve is the only time of the year besides Christmas Eve where it’s acceptable to host a midnight brunch! Invite family and friends over for a midnight supper completed by your favorite breakfast and lunch foods. Create a mimosa bar with champagne, fresh squeezed juice, and fruit for guests to make their own mimosas. When it comes to decor, you can stick to a blush, white, and gold color palette. This is a fun and alternative idea that includes plenty of good food and laughter.

This New Year’s Eve will be a memorable one as long as you commit to your theme. Once you find the party theme that fits your vision the most, your planning process won’t feel like work at all. Remember to always ask for help from a friend or two so you can create as many New Year’s Eve memories as your loved ones this holiday season.

Theme Park Insider - November 2020

November 16, 2020, 2:05 PM · Disney is working to transform its theme parks from a physical experience into a 'theme park metaverse,' the chief technical officer of the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products segment said today at the IAAPA Expo Virtual Education Conference.

'It's a shared magical world created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space,' Tilak Mandadi, Executive Vice President, Digital and Chief Technology Officer for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, said.

'Seriously, what does that mean?' Mandadi asked. 'Well, it all starts with having a connected part — a part where guests can truly interact with their physical surroundings using connected devices, wearables phones and other interactive digital access points. Then we seamlessly bring together the physical and the digital elements in the experience to create what I call converged experiences by using technologies like computer vision, natural language understanding augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and IOT.

'Our experience started a long time ago as classic linear storytelling. Then we transition to interactive storytelling. Then we went beyond that to immersive storytelling. And we are well on our way to personalized, and social storytelling.'

'The metaverse experience will be designed right from the get go to be personalized. How do we do that? Well, that's where data comes into play. While personalized, these experiences are also social. You are part of a community, enjoying these experiences all together — sometimes collaboratively, sometimes competitively — but always with joy and fun.

New Theme: Paris Montmartre

'So, with the digital data and physical coming together organically with the story, we now have physical and digital convergence experiences that are personalized and social, creating that theme park metaverse. And because of the digital dimension of these metaverse experiences, they can be updated frequently, and they stay fresh and relevant. While I can't shed a whole lot of details on the work underway, these type of experiences are a critical focus for us, and we are ideating through many offers. Some will come to fruition, some will not. But we expect them to be core to the guest experience in the years to come.

'This has led us to explore new areas like, for example, artificial intelligence-driven virtual characters that could have a personalized interaction with a guest. Another experience guests love are the animal interactions found at Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park. Although it is still a pilot program — not yet available to guests — the Windows to the Wild program that we are working on brings these interactions to fans through augmented reality.'

Mandadi also cited the Play Disney Parks app and Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge as recent examples of the theme park metaverse that Disney has deployed already, noting that the Rise of the Resistance attraction alone has 15,000 IOT [Internet of things] sensors to enable its functionality. But the idea is to create functional platforms that allow Disney Parks to extend its market reach before its resorts.

'While the converged physical and digital worlds remain our primary focus, this magical experience is no longer completely limited to what we call 'inside the berm,' Mandadi said. 'Extending the magic of Disney parks to home is now a real, exciting possibility. Imagine a day where guests can explore with pirates, train with heroes, dance with royalty and visit a galaxy far, far away without ever leaving their home.'

The IAAPA Expo Virtual Education Conference this year replaced the annual IAAPA Expo in Orlando, which was canceled due to the ongoing pandemic. Earlier today, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro shared an update on new Disney theme park attractions, including a video first look at the new Guardians of the Galaxy 'omnicoaster' carriages in action.

* * *
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Replies (11)

November 16, 2020 at 2:29 PM

I don't mean to be disrespectful to Mandadi, but we've heard this story before. Disney has use terms like 'interactive', 'seamless', and 'personalized' in regards to new attractions almost non-stop over the past 5+ years, and not much has changed with additions not even coming close to what Imagineers have touted. Disney might be mining a lot more data than they used to, and attraction might be more geared around IOT, but the experience on the guest's end falls well short of the stated goals.

Mandidi references the Disney Parks App and the Galaxy's Edge Datapad, but as many have noted, they are nothing more than time-wasters while waiting in a queue or for the hardcore fan that has been to the parks dozens of times and desperate for something new and different to try while in the parks.

Sorry, I'm not buying this until they move beyond these vague marketing terms and actually lay out the nuts and bolts of how the parks are more interactive, personalized, and immersive. When it comes to something like Galaxy's Edge, Disney would probably get more bang for their buck by hiring actors and better engaging CMs to create an immersive role playing environment than they would by relying on oversold AI.

November 16, 2020 at 3:32 PM

Agreed, Russell. My family and I looked at their apps for all of five minutes before turning them off. I need another reason for my kids to look at the phone like I need a hole in the head--I mean, if there's one time you sure as heck don't need to be lost in your phone it's at Disneyland.

November 17, 2020 at 2:52 AM

What a load of waffle, couldn’t get past the first few paragraphs.

November 17, 2020 at 3:23 AM

If this means that experiences will somehow be enhanced because of a wearable device such as, oh I don't know, a 'magic' wrist band, then I'm all for it (although I share the scepticism of those above), however if it means I am supposed to walk around a park staring at my mobile phone the whole day then I can think of nothing less 'magical' or 'immersive'. Only by tearing people AWAY from their mobile devices will Disney succeed in transporting them to any kind of 'verse', meta or otherwise.

New Theme: Paris France

November 17, 2020 at 4:18 AM

Think we’re all in agreement on this. What a load of nonsense.

November 17, 2020 at 12:03 PM

At first, I thought that the metaverse was going to be a self-referential Disney theme park within a theme park, which is a pretty horrible idea, but I think this is even worse..

November 17, 2020 at 12:36 PMNew theme: paris hotel

Get your nose out of the phone and look at the theming, connect to your family or friends. I wish mobile phones wouldn't work in theme parks, it's a disease and another big downgrade Disney is pushing.

November 17, 2020 at 7:05 PM

So glad to see that I’m not the only one who hates the idea of needing to have your phone in your hand every second of a theme park visit. I prefer to leave mine in the room, and that’s why I hate the recent dependence on apps and virtual queues. I want to enjoy the experience without distractions.

November 17, 2020 at 7:09 PM

Swing for the fence! I absolutely support the idea of the park as a platform. And if they're unsuccessful I will still praise them for trying. The same way I praise UC for Fallon and F&FSC.

November 18, 2020 at 9:01 AM

Please nothing else with our phones, keeping it charged to obtain a boarding pass for RoR was hard enough.

November 18, 2020 at 12:47 PM

New Theme: Paris Museum

Blah blah blah - put a chip in my hat if something great can be achieved but I’m not gonna have my nose in my phone all day nor do I want those with me to not live in the moment and ignore human interaction!

New Theme: Paris France

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