New Form Features: Predefined Options & File Uploads!

518-520 5th Ave, New York, USA. Predefined search form (option example) You can create a search form with options already chosen. You can also set default β€œSort.

  1. New Form Features: Predefined Options & File Uploads Pdf
  2. New Form Features: Predefined Options & File Uploads Download

Other new features in release 2.0.471 Re-order fields from the Options panel fro Form control. When working with form controls, previously, you can only move the field on the canvas to re-order them. Now you can re-order them on the right side panel too. Either way works. Web Player supports parameters. Select lists or DropDown lists are used in a Razor Pages form to enable users to select zero or more predefined options. They are rendered in HTML as a select element, which acts as a container for a number of option elements, each representing an available choice. Select List Basics link.

Formsnap is a modular suite of Stacks elements used for creating web based forms for your RapidWeaver built web site. Creating highly customizable forms has never been this easy, simply drag-and-drop form items into an unlimited number of layouts.



New Form Features: Predefined Options & File Uploads!

Included Inputs

  • Text Input

    A form control for the user to enter input ( including email, phone, url, hidden, number and password ).

  • Textarea

    A form control for the user to enter multi-line text input.

  • Button

    A form element for submitting or resetting the forms.

  • Select Menu

    A form control for the selection of options via dropdown menu.

  • State Dropdown

    A form control for the selection of predefined US State options.

  • Country Dropdown

    A form control for the selection of predefined Country options.

  • Range Slider

    Select a number using a sliding scale with minimum and maximum limits.

  • Security Question

    Require the correct answer before form can be submitted.

  • Captcha

    An image based security code element for your form.

  • reCAPTCHA v.2

    Legacy version of Google reCAPTCHA for inline form bot testing.

  • File Upload

    Creates a field through which users can upload files from their local computer or network.

  • Date/Time Picker

    Select a date or time ( or both ) via dropdown or inline calendar.

  • Date Range Picker

    Select a date or time range via dropdown or inline calendar. State department passport.

  • Color Picker

    A dropdown color menu for selecting hexidecimal color values.

  • Checbox Menu

    Switches that can be turned on and off ( multiple selections ) by the user.

  • Radio Menu

    Provides switches that can be turned on and off ( single selection ) by the user.

New Form Features: Predefined Options & File Uploads Pdf

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Key Features

New Form Features: Predefined Options & File Uploads Download

  • Stacks 4 Ready πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    We have advantage of many Stacks 4 features to give you the best looking form building experience.. including dark mode.

  • New Style πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    The overall appearance of Formsnap has been completely updated and loooks great! Slick and Modern forms have never been easier.

  • New Date Pickers πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Formsnap 3 has a comepletely new Date Picker that supports a wide range of custom options.

  • Save to Google Sheets and MySQL πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Form data can now be saved to MySQL, Google Sheets or Both. This includes file uploads too!

  • Multi-Step Forms πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Got a long form? Well this new version of Formsnap allows you to break it up into separate steps.

  • reCAPTCHA v3 Support πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Protect your form from bot , spammers and all other unfriendly type with reCAPTCHA v3

  • Added Inputs πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Several new input types have been added to Formsnap 3 including Color Picker, Range Slider, Date Range and Image Captcha ( self hosted ).

  • More Security πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Security is important, so we added more ways to protect your forms. Some new options are CSRF tokens, Honey Pot method, reCAPTCHA ( v.2 and v.3 ).

  • Grid Layout πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    A special css-grid stack is included for bullet proof form layouts in all modern browsers.

  • Professional email Templates πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Look likem a pro when using the new email templates. Include your company logo , date, browser, ip address and form url with all emails.

  • Auto Send Files πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Send up to 5 files attached to your automatic reply emails.

  • Extensive Style Settings πŸ”₯ NEW in 3.0

    Style settings are available for all aspects of your custom we form.

  • Works with Foundation and Foundry Themes

    Make great looking forms and still use your favorite themes.

  • Responsive

    Formsnap forms are now responsive and accommodate the screen size it is viewed on. This requires a responsive theme however.

  • Validation

    Make inputs required, match other inputs, have minimum length or maximum length. All with custom individual error messages.

  • Better Sizing Options

    Control the size of your Inputs with pixel or percentage based values.

  • Security Question

    Prevent Spam with New Security Question. Submitter gives wrong answer, then the form will not process.

  • Send Form Anywhere

    Send form submission to any page you want for custom processing.

  • Country and State Dropdowns

    US State and Global Country dropdown menus are now included as 2 new snaps to the collection.

  • Media Rich Forms

    FormSnap plays well with other Stack Elements. Build forms that incorporate images, audio and styled text.

  • Personalize

    Personalize form generated emails with reply/receipt templates that incorporate user submitted data.

  • MySQL Support

    Save your user's input directly to a MySQL database.

  • Localized by You

    FormSnap lets you change the text values on everything.

  • Locked Down!

    Filter out possible malicious form injections.