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Introduction to Narwhale io This is a jam packed game full of action. It is an io which means that it is going to be multiplayer so you won’t have to ask for anyone to play with you anymore as you will have thousands of players waiting for you online. The description of is a game about friendly narwhals piercing each other. Dash to your enemy and cut them in half! New Game Mode: Narwhale Ball! The unofficial subreddit for!( 282. Created Aug 14, 2016. Help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. In you swim around the screen and attack other players by stabbing them. How many of them can you kill before you are killed yourself? A game about friendly narwhals piercing each other.


Narwhale.IO is a free online multiplayer game about the survival of the fittest, and kiling everyone you see. Narwhales are generally peaceful sea creatures that travel in groups of five to ten. Among each other they use their tusks to establish social hierarchies or as a natural addtition to their senses. Unfortunately peace, love and understanding does not make for great online entertainment. Fortunately, the internet has taught us much about what people are like and what they enjoy doing. Next to shopping, chatting and watching cat videos, people seem to love nothing more than to kill each other online! In this crazy, battle royale style game you control a narwhale with a proud tusk on its head. It's your job to hunt down other narwhales and expertly cut them in half. Doing so will kick them out of the game, but it will also make you stronger and more powerful. As you slowly grow and become more fearsome, others will be coming for you. They will try to use your massive size against you and attack you from different angles. All for the chance to kick you off the leaderboard. But there is a way to avoid the catastrophe. Kill them before they kill you. If only normal life was that easy. But don't get complacent. Every other player in the game is out to get you and be king of the narwhales themselves. Keep slicing up others and killing them to become the biggest, baddest and meanest narwhale there is. Make no mistake, it is going to be a big bloody fight to the death. Go head to head with players from all over the world and see where you rank. Here it's everyone for themselves! Are you ready? Welcome to the public war zone that is Narwhale IO!
Controls: Mouse


In All you have to do is swim around and left click to dash into other narwhales… When you slice a narwhale in half, you gain levels and awesome buffs. Your horn gets bigger, stamina increases, and number of dashes goes up as well! Try not to collide with other narwhales head-on though because this will send each of you flying backwards. Sims three download for macfarmbertyl. I think you’ll like this io game. Check it out! Enjoy and share with your friends!


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In Online Swim and chop up your opponents in! This fierce multiplayer game pits you against other angry, deadly whales. You can compete in small, medium, and large arenas. Your speed, turn rate, and stamina regeneration can improve with every kill! Swim arround the screen and kill other players by stabbing them with your deadly tusk! How many kills can you do before you get slit in half? Your main goal is to attack the other fish io with your beak, but do not get caught on the other narwhals beak. Enjoy and share with your friends! Play game unblocked