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Sportshall Athletics Training

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The students from St. Flannan's College have been busy training the different year groups for the Sportshall Athletics programme. Some of the students are also helping out with a reading programme with second class. Here are some pictures of the children training.

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Indoor Camogie

The Holy Family Indoor Camogie team won their first round blitz on the 27th of January. During the blitz they beat Barefield N.S and Clarecastle N.S comprehensively. The team then progressed onto the second round.

In the second round they came up against Knockanean N.S and Ennis CBS on the 3rd of February. They played brilliant camogie on the day but couldn't get the better of the other teams. Well done to their coaches Mr. O' Neill and Mr. Brennan.

HolyFamilySchool Promotes

Healthy Eating and Physical Exercise

Bernard Dunne ex professional boxer and WBA Super bantamweight champion visited Holy Family on Tuesday16th of December last to promote healthy eating and physical exercise. Bernard Dunne who is an ambassador for Carambola Kids encouraged the importance of healthy eating and physical fitness. Bernard Dunne knew the importance of a healthy diet and being active throughout your life. He talked with the whole school and especially targeted the children in the senior classes encouraging them to follow healthier eating practices and the importance of exercise. Holy Family has a strict healthy eating policy.

This year the school is involved  in the ActiveSchool Flag Programme. This programme aims for the children to increase their physical fitness and strive to achieve a physical educated and physically active school community. The school ran an ActiveSchool’s Motto Competition before Christmas. The winning motto was “Commit to be fit, stay strong, live long”. Bernard Dunne was on hand to present the winners Marcia Solis 4th Class, Riyadh Mondal 5th Class and Dominik Ulanowski with their prizes. All children undertake the Physical Education Programme in the school. HolyFamilySeniorSchool offers a wide range of sports including GAA, basketball, athletics, swimming and golf.

Carambola Kids provide healthy hot food dinners in the Holy Family school canteen. Dmg mori seiki price list. Holy Family School is the only primary school in the country to provide hot dinners for children. Carambola Kids also provide packed lunches for 140 schools in the country.

Cycling Training Course

As part of the Active Schools/Green Schools Travel Flag the school is taking part in a course in cycling training run by the Cycling Safety School Mid-West. Training will take place for the 5th classes on Wednesdays during school hours by their instructor John Clancy.

The course will teach the children to cycle their bicycle safely and also encouraging them to cycle in the course of their everyday lives.

 Skipping Workshop

The school is the gone skipping crazy at the moment after a fantastic Skipping Workshop before Christmas. Mark Mc Cabe from SkipnRope held the workshop over a two day period presenting the children with fun new skipping skills and games using the skipping rope. Skipping is fun and a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy.

On Wednesday 22nd October the three third classes participated in a Go-Games Blitz in Eire Óg. The children played a number of games during the day. They walked to and from Eire Óg as HFSS is trying to obtain their Active Flag. Well done boys and girls. Thanks to the third class teachers and all the work being put in by Ronan Keane (GAA Coach).

On Tuesday morning, 20th October, we all gathered in Mr. Bell's classroom at 9.15am. We were very excited. We got our jerseys and got on the bus. We got to Doora Barefield at about 9:30 am. Mr Brennan got us to warm up and get ready for the first match against Doora School.
We started playing against the wind and Doora got a good amount of scores in the first half. In the second half we scored 1-1 but it was not enough to beat Doora. Final score 1-1 to HFSS 2-6 to Doora.

We had our lunch after the match. Next we were playing Caherea/Clondrinagh. We had the wind in the first half. We scored 2-1 Caherea/Clondrinagh scored 0-0. In the second half we scored 7-6 and they scored 0-1. Final score 9-7 to HFSS 0-1 to Caherea/Clondrinagh.
To get to the semi-final we had to beat Carron/New Quay. We started the match off very even but when Ethan dropped the ball over to Andrew he scored a great goal. Then Jack kicked the ball in and it hit off the goalkeeper and into Andrew's path and it was a goal again. Next Liam got a great point. We ended the match 6-2 to 0-1. We are now in the semi-final.

The people on the panel were Eugene Omoifo, Jack Kenneally, Andrew Casey, David Utuke, Ryan Chung, Joshua Aduasare, Shay Moloney, Mark Donovan, Ethan Mounsey, Liam Kenny, Daniel Chizekeze, Darryl Kenny, Dominic Ulanowski, Chris Esedebe, David Murphy, John O'Sullivan, Alex Dilger and Andrew Ugwueru and the teachers who came with us were Mr. Bell and Mr. Brennan. There was a lot more people on the team but we could not bring them.
COME ON HFSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By Andrew Casey

Victory for the School's Girls Gaelic Football Team.

On Monday October 13th. the School's Girls Gaelic Team went to Éire Óg for a blitz. The top two teams would qualify for the
semi-finals. We played 4 mini matches against St. Tola's N.S., Clooney-Dangan N.S., Broadford N.S. and Stonehall N.S. We won all four matches and we qualified as group winners.
The first match we played was against Stonehall N.S. They were a very strong team but we managed to come out on the right side and we beat them by 2 goals and 2 points. The final score was 3 goals and 2 points for Holy Family and 1 goal for Stonehall N.S.
The second match we played was against St. Tola's N.S. They were very tough to play but once again we came out on top. We beat them by 3 goals and 1 point. The final score was 3 goals and 2 points for Holy Family and 1 point for St. Tola's N.S.
Next we played Clooney-Dangan N.S. They had great players but we managed to beat them by 1 point. The final score was 1 goal and 1 point to Holy Family and 1 goal to Clooney-Dangan.
The last match we played was against Broadford N.S. We were all tired but we won convincingly with a score of 1 goal and 2 points to Holy Family and 1 point to Broadford N.S.
At the end of the day everyone was exhausted but we finished on top of the leaderboard and are through to the semi-finals. They will be played in two weeks time. We are all very excited and will need to train very hard for the next two weeks if we want a place in the finals.
The players who participated today were Jane, Angel, Emily, Vanessa, Sinéad, Ciara, Shannon, Aoife, Roisín, Sammie, Caoimhe, Wiame, Simran, Lauren, Nicola, Igmat, Evelyn, Dami, Rachel and Zara. Thanks to our trainers Mr. O' Neill, Mrs. Vaughan. Miss Lillis and Mr. Brennan
By Shannon Hegarty, Ciara Sherlock and Nicola Lambo (Sixth Class Students).

All Ireland Under 21 Trophy

Visits HFSS

The school had a really special visitor in  Mid-September, the Celtic Cross Trophy. After Clare winning the All Ireland Under 21 Hurling Final, players Shane O' Brien and David Conroy(Past Pupil) brought the trophy into the school. There was great scenes as both players were introduced. The players spoke of the work being done in the school and the talented boys and girls we have in the school. So hopefully in a few more years we see more past pupils on Clare teams.

Cross Country Running September 17th 2014

Cross-Country running was held last month in Lee's Road. The popular event was attended by hundreds of pupils from around the county. We were very fortunate to have such a talented group of athletes to take to the event. With great effort and determination shown by all we were proud to win two individual medals and one team medal.

Running in the over 10, were Shannon Hegarty, Nicola Lambo, Zara Deasy, Jared Sherlock, Jack Kenneally and Igor Sobiecki. They pushed themselves for the entire 1100m race which is a great test of endurance and determination.

Our under 10, team was represented by Sammie Ojulari, Igmat Adiqun, Evelyn Esedebe,
Gabriella Norwicz, David Murphy, Cormac Maher, Samuel Olaoje and Effe Olaoye. They ran the 700m with great determination and they all finished comfortably. Eyelyn Esedebe was a medal winner coming in 9th position with Samie, Gabriella and Iqmat coming in close behind achieving an overall 3rd position in the Girls Under 10 Teams.

Lastly our under 8s team was made up of Hellen McDonagh, Esther Olaoje, Zaheeda Ojulari,
Alexandra Ward, Piotr Mazurek, Aaron Lynch & Frank Esedebe. It was a tough 400m run for these second and third class children and all of them pushed themselves to the very end. We had a great result with Esther winning a medal for coming in 5th position.
We were very privileged to bring such talented and well behaved children running this year.

Sale of Helmets & Hurleys 2014

Cost of Helmets - Small/Medium/Large: €45.00 each

Cost of Hurleys:

26' € 8.50
28' €11.50
30' €13.00
32' €15.50

Mentorsmr. mac

26' € 6.00
28' € 8.00
30' €10.00
32' €12.00

Gum Shields: € 3.00

School Special Offer for
November & December, 2014:
Helmet & Hurley: €50.00

After Schools activities 2014/2015

Last year we had a very successful year in sport in Holy Family Senior School. In the area of GAA we reached two county finals, in athletics, we were All Ireland Champions in Sportshall Athletics, while in girls soccer we were county champions.
Every year we offer a huge amount of GAA sports and these will include hurling, camogie, boys football and girls football. These sports will be taken by a number of different teachers after school.
This year we will be offering even more sports and these will be happening at different times of the year. The other sports offered during the year will include boys and girls basketball, boys and girls soccer, swimming and athletics. We also organise lunchtime leagues in the area of
basketball and soccer for the senior classes. There will be competitions in each of these sports during the year. It is hoped that as many children as possible will avail of these sports and everyone is encouraged to join. We hope to organise rugby for sixth class boys this year.
All children taking part in after schools activities must bring gear and change into it after school.
A roll call will be taken at the beginning of each training session to keep track of children turning up to training and it is important that children commit to training for the year.
If your child has to be collected early from training make sure to bring in note to inform teacher If it is raining there will be no training and the children have to be collected as normal.

Hurleys and Helmets for Sale:
All classes will be involved in hurling/camogie during the year. There are hurleys and helmets for sale in the school office at very competitive rates. All children must have their own hurley and helmet. Please call in to Lucy in the office.
Skipping Ropes:
There are skipping ropes available to buy from Mr. O' Neill in Room 17 at the cost of €6 each.
Other after school activities:
We will have guitar lessons for third to sixth classes with Michael Varden in the hall on

Term 1 Timetable 2014

Monday 2.45 – 3.30

Girls Football 3rd – 6th

Mr. O' Neill, Miss Lillis & Mrs Vaughan.

No after schools activities

Wednesday 2.45 – 3.30

Boys Football 3rd – 6th

Mr. Corbett, Mr. Bell & Mr. Ryan

Thursday 2.45 – 3.30
Guitar Lessons
Michael Varden

Friday 2.45 – 3.30 Boys Football Team
Girls Football Team Mr. O' Neill, Mr. Corbett, Miss Browne & Ronan Keane (G.A.A coach)

This timetable will change after Christmas and other sports will be offered in the new year.
A schedule of all after schools activities is available from the office or class teacher.

Double All Ireland Success for

Holy Family Senior School

No doubt inspired by the county’s senior and U-21 hurling teams’ success last year, Holy Family Senior School has just achieved it’s own set of All-Ireland crowns. The Ennis school took home two national titles as well as finishing runners up in the two other categories at the finals of the National Sportshall Athletics Championships. These national finals were held last week in the Athlone Institute of Technology Sports Arena. Fifteen counties participated in the event on the day.


The victorious school was selected to represent the county following the intense county finals between schools from Clare that participated in the competition run by Clare Sports Partnership. At the county finals, Holy Family won the third and fourth class boys and girls sections as well as the fifth and sixth class boys and girls sections. Thus they proved triumphant in an unprecedented clean sweep of all categories.


           Sportshall Athletics is a unique programme designed to combine running and field events. Each child is allowed to compete in a maximum of two running and two field events with each team consisting of a maximum of fifteen athletes. The running events consisted of a number of different distance relays while the field events consisted of javelin, long jump, triple jump, vertical jump, speed bounce and chest push.


The pupils put in intensive practice leading up to the National Finals. This was a huge achievement for any one school to have four teams participating in the National Finals. On the day, Holy Family represented Clare and was up against stiff opposition. After the days competition, when the results were announced third and fourth class boys and girls finished runners up in the country. While the fifth and sixth class girls were crowned All Ireland Sportshall Champions. To add to that, fifth and sixth class boys were also crowned All Ireland Sportshall Champions. Seán O' Neill and Stephen Mc Namara,  co-ordinating teachers at the School said 'We are absolutely thrilled with this result. All the effort, dedication and hard work put in by the children really paid off. We have some really talented athletes in the school and our students excel in this area. It was unbelievable to bring back two national titles to the school and to Co Clare.  Incredibly, this is as well as bringing back two 2nd place trophies in two other sections. The children will remember this forever'.


Mrs Sarah Barnes Principal commented that the competition from the other schools in Co Clare was very stiff as was the competition from the 14 other counties in Athone. She said “This was a team effort on behalf of all the teachers, pupils and trainers from Clare Sports Partnership who all recognised the innate talent we have in our school. We are so proud of all our 55 students who participated on the day”.

Holy Family Senior School offers a wide range of sports including GAA, Basketball, Athletics, Swimming and golf and is fortunate enough to have a staff of talented sports people to encourage and train the pupils.


The school held a reception in their hall on Thursday 3rd April and each team were presented with their medals. John Sweeney from Clare Sports Partnership was on hand to make the presentations with Patrick Kelly Clare All Irealnd Winning Goalkeeper . Representing Clare Sports Partnership was Michael Mc Namara and representing the BOM of Holy Family Senior School was Mary Howard (Ennis Town Councillor). Also attending was representatives from Clare Athletics who were delighted with the success for the school.

Girls Basketball March 2014


The Girls Basketball Team had a fantastic win over Ennis N.S on Monday 3rd of March. In the first half, they defended brilliantly and went in level at half time. Sonia Petric managed to get a brilliant basketball to keep the game in the balance. In the second half brilliant displays from Bianca Swente, Deirinn Finnerty and Aodha Marrinan extended the lead and the game finished with Holy Family winning by three baskets. In their second game, on the 11th of March they played gainst a very strong Knockanean N.S team. It was really close in the first half with a fine basket by Jelena Macura. In the second half Knockanean pulled away winning by 6 baskets to 3. In the third game, they played against Scoil Chriost Rí. Our girls were very dominant and scored some super baskets. Unfortunately overall it meant they finished second in the group. Bianka Szente was outstanding in all games. Well done to their coaches Mr. O’ Neill & Mr. Mc Namara.

 Boys Basketball

Boys Basketball March 2014


The Boys Basketball Team had a narrow loss against Ennis N.S on Monday 3rd of March. In the first half Jason Sherlock had a basket ruled out which was the difference in the first half. In the second half, Holy Family defended well but conceded three baskets. Efosa Osaretin got a fine basket in the closing stages. Gabriel Kehinde, Niall Walsh and Shane Kenny played very well for the boys. In the second game they came up against a really strong Knockanean N.S team who ended up winning the game by 2 baskets. In their final group game they played against Scoil Chríost Rí in a close encounter with Holy Family winning by a single score. Well done to their trainer Mr. Mac Namara.

Cornelia Sue Britt McAulay graduated from Amarillo High School in 1952 and Sul Ross State College in 1967. She married Garland Everett “Mac” McAulay in Amarillo Texas at the First Baptist Church, August 17, 1954.

Mrs. Mac’s teaching career began in 1955 in Petersburg, Virginia, at St. Joseph’s Catholic School teaching 7th and 8th graders. In 1957 and 1958 she taught first grade at Webster Elementary in Eagle Pass, Texas. She taught 2 years of 3rd grade at FMC in Beeville before beginning her 30-year career at Thomas Jefferson Junior High School. At TJJHS, she taught Life Science, Sex Education, and Drug Education. She was instrumental in the early programs of drug abuse and awareness and worked with the Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Program alongside Sheriff Bob Horn and Dr. John Hester.

Mentorsmr. Mac's Rooms For Rent

Her students will remember her dissecting frogs, having a variety of room animals, and rescuing/fostering any animal a student brought to her, the wildest being “Pork Chop” the javelina.

Mentorsmr. mac

The Welder Wildlife Refuge Center was one of the many places she loved volunteering, along with the Shoreline Ecology efforts on the Corpus Christi beaches; studying wildlife in the Rocky Mountain National Park; directing the Youth Choir at St. Joseph’s in Beeville; and teaching summer school for the dependents of migrant workers. She was the store lady at Camp Rio Vista for boys in Ingram, Texas for many summers. The hill country was one of her big loves as the family returned to Ingram summer after summer. She was one of the first friends of James Avery to sell his jewelry out of her home in Kerrville and Beeville. She loved to act and had roles on stage in the Beeville Little Theatre where lifelong friendships began. She will be remembered by many teachers for decorating the teacher’s lounge for every occasion, bringing homemade hot yeast rolls and cherry pizza pie to the lounge or to anyone that might be sick or just because.

Mentorsmr. Mac's Room Spray

She and Mac loved their many adventures to Estes Park, Colorado with Bettie and Sam and Carol and Ed; Puebla, Mexico to see the making of the Talavera pottery; wild taxi rides in Mexico City; whale watching in Victoria, British Columbia; exploring Yosemite Park; dropping coins and attending shows in Las Vegas; bus trips to Branson, Missouri; and countless shows at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio.

Above all, Mrs. Mac will be remembered for her love of teaching, mentoring, and counseling thousands of students over the years; her sense of humor and laughter; and her commitment to making learning fun.

Mrs. Mac is survived by her husband of 64 years, Mr. Mac, sister Ann, children Doug, Cindy, and Rhonda; granddaughters Audrey, Amy, Shannon, and Allie. Great-grandchildren: Brayden, Miah, Tres, Cooper, Britt, and Trysten, her many students, teachers, and church friends, and her beloved Circle of Friends: Vicki, Helen, Julie, Carolyn, Karen, Joy, and Marion.

Mentorsmr. Mac's Room Furniture

A Celebration of Life will be held Saturday, March 30, 2019, at 4:00 pm at the First Presbyterian Church, 908 N. Washington, Beeville, Texas 78102 where donations can be made in her memory.

Mentorsmr. Mac's Room Restaurant

Cremation was under the care and direction of Bright-Holland Funeral Home.

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