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I noticed by reading reviews that many people seem to be having trouble with this game. I posted my strategy in the reviews, but I think it will soon be buried. Therefore, I am reposting it here in hopes it will help more people.. though I don't know how many people read these forums.. Oh well, without further ado..

Steam not using full download speed. Hey guys, I've had steam for the longest time, have downloaded over 30 games, and always downloaded games at a rate of anywhere from 1.9 to 2.1 mb per second. But just recently, I discovered on that our download speed is actually 12.75 mb per second! Does anyone know why steam is. Apr 12, 2009 Those of you who have problems downloading games and having the download randomly drop to 0 mb/s for the download speed and the disk usuage, disable Windows Defender make sure everything about it is disabled and turned off and make sure to have it disabled on start up! After all that restart your computer and try downloading a steam game. It is normal, 80Mbps always means 8MB download speed maximum in real life. And it depends on the area you configure your download locations on steam. But it just doesn't make sense. I previously had a connection speed of 50Mbps and I would get Steam speeds ranging from about 5.5MB/s up to 6.3MB/s. The thing is, I usually get 1.5 Mbps using firefox while someone else is online, but Steam says that I'm only getting 422.8 Kbps. For a frame of reference, that's about half of 1 Mbps. I'm guessing this has something to do with my write speed, but downloading off of a browser (not the steam client) works fine. May 09, 2019 If your computer is a somewhat lower-end device and especially if your hard drive is slow, you will often experience certain pauses in the download process which usually mean that Steam is taking longer than often to actually extract and install the file it previously downloaded.

Ok, here it is.. to all you whiners out there that are saying this game is 'too hard'. This strategy is guaranteed to keep the company making money forever. I personally have gotten to 2100 with over 2 million in the bank before I got bored. I have broken my strategy down into the 4 categories of the game.
First, pause the game as soon as it starts. Perform all the starting actions for each area (detailed below) before resuming the game (fields, pastures, hormones, health official, hire employees)..

McDonalds Videogame: It's Sim McDonalds! - McDonalds Videogame is one of our selected Action Games. Play McDonalds Videogame for Free, and Have Fun! The McDonald's Monopoly game, featuring both instant-win opportunities and game pieces that could be collected to win prizes in sets, has been run in markets around the world off and on since 1987. It has encouraged people to collect their game pieces from french fry, throughout the 1990s, it was the subject of massive fraud. The McDonald's Videogame was released in Italian at the end of 2005 and in (broken) English shortly after. It's one of the most popular games by Molleindustria, racking up millions of plays between the faux-official site and the multitude of flash portals that were exploding in the mid '00s.

-Create 3 genetically modified soy fields, and 4 cow pastures.
-After 2 soy harvests, turn off genetic enhancement on one field and sell it. (be sure to turn off enhancement before selling it). You only need 2 soy fields, and the extra was just to get the cistern a bit more full to start out.
-When your pastures fertility starts to degrade, wait untill immediately after a cow 'harvest', pause the game, and sell all 4 pastures and create 4 new pastures on fresh squares allowing the land to heal it's self. (you will have to repeat this process throughout the game so get used to keeping an eye on it).
:Note: If you use this rotation strategy correctly, you should only need to demolish 2 squares of rainforest/village. Also, DO NOT CORRUPT THE TOWN TO GET MORE SPACE. There is more than enough without it, and it causes uneeded problems.

-Turn on hormones and that's it. Do not destroy diseased cows, and do not enable animal flours or industrial waste. The keeper will complain alot, just ignore him completely. You should not even have to look at this screen, because 2 enhanced soy fields is exactly the right ammount of food for 8 hormonized cows (4 fields, 2 cows each).

Fast Food:
-To start, hire only one cashier and one grillman.
-Wait for 2 cow harvests in the agri sector, then hire a full staff.
-Be sure to keep crew smiling with badges or firing/replacing.
:Note: I don't use dicipline as it rarely works and has almost the same negative effects as firing anyway.

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-Enable Corrupted health officer and leave it enabled always.
-When you expand to a full crew, enable 'Food Pyramid' and '3rd world' advertising. (don't ever use any other advertising)
-As you fire crew, you will need to temporarily corrupt a politician to prevent problems. Also, you may need to corrupt a Climatologist for a while if you are destroying rain forrests. (you should never need to corrupt a nutritionist because of the food pyramid)
:Note: In general, use the corruptions only when needed (except the health official which should always be on), and pay attention to your 'detractors' to tell when to turn them off. Only use the two advertisements mentioned because they serve dual purposes, and never turn them off.


After your business is established, you should have to do nothing more than rotate pastures, reward/fire/hire crew, and enable/disable corrupted politician.

If you followed my advice correctly, you should be getting on average $2050.00 per month profit (when not corrupting politicians or buying/selling pasture). This should keep the corporate whiners happy for a while. (Eventually they will complain no matter how much money you are making, so just ignore them).

One final note. Using this strategy, you will very very slowly build a surplus of soy. Also, after many years, you may have a shortage of meat. At this point, I recommend adding one pasture for a little while to rebuild the meat stores and kill down the soy surplus. I would not recommend having the extra pasture early on because it's an unneeded expense, and it will run down your soy stores dangerously low.

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Good luck, and have fun making millions!!! ^^