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What is All Macintosh Roms (68K + PPC)? This is an archive containing all of the most popular Macintosh models ROM files for emulation purposes, ranging from the first 64K ROM from the Mac 128K to the 4MB ROM files from the Bandai Pippin or PowerMac G3, listed below in ROM size, then by release date from oldest to newest. Apple PowerBook 190. This product hasn't been reviewed yet. We've added this product to our database but we haven't actually tested it yet. If you want us to review it drop us a line and we might. The PowerBook 190 and its companion PowerBook 190cs are laptop computers manufactured by Apple Computer as part of their PowerBook brand, introduced to the market in August 1995. The two models differ only in their screen: The 190 had a 9.5' greyscale display, while the 190cs featured a 10.4' color display.

PowerBook 190

First post! . The last 680X0 machine Apple everbuilt, the PowerBook 190 featured an expansion bay for third-partydrives, and 2 PC card slots. It could be configured with an optionalInfra-red transceiver, and an optional video port for an externalmonitor. The 190 sold for $1,700 for 4 MB of RAM and $1,900 for 8 MB.The 190cs with a dual-scan color screen and 8 MB of RAM sold for$2,300.

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PowerBook 190 Specs

  • Codename: Omega CPU: MC68LC040
  • CPU speed: 33 Mhz
  • FPU: none
  • motherboard RAM: 4, 8 MB
  • maximum RAM: 36, 40 MB
  • number of sockets: 1 -- unique slot
  • minimum speed: 70 ns
  • ROM: 2 MB
  • VRAM: 0 (no external video)
  • L1 cache: 8 k
  • L2 cache: n/a
  • data path: 32 bit
  • bus speed: 33 Mhz
  • slots: 2 Type II or 1 Type III PC Card
  • SCSI: HDI-30
  • Serial Ports: 1
  • ADB: 1
  • Floppy: 1.44 MB SuperDrive
  • HD: 500 MB (IDE)
  • CD-ROM: none
  • Screen: passive matrix 9.5' 4 bit (16 Grays) 640x480 (190)
  • dual scan 10.4' 8 bit (256 color) 640x480 (190cs)
  • Sound Output: stereo 16 bit (built-in speaker)
  • Sound Input: mono 16 bit (built in mic)
  • Ethernet: none
  • Gestalt ID: 122
  • power: 45 Watts
  • Weight: 6 lbs. (190)/ 6.3 lbs. (190cs)
  • Dimensions: 2' H x 11.5' W x 8.5' D
  • Min System Software: 7.5.2
  • Max System Software: 8.1
  • introduced: August 1995
  • terminated: June 1996 (190)/October 1996 (190cs)
  • Current value: $100


Mac Powerbook 190 Manualyellowplane

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The 190 has no termination power - you'll need a terminator on yourscsi chain or a terminated device.

Mac Powerbook 190 Manual Yellow Plane Crash



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Mac Powerbook 190 Manual Yellow Plane Download

Any difference if you try starting without the main battery in place (you should not use a faulty/leaking battery anyway)?

There could be a number of reasons for a problem like this. A careful inspection of the board(s) (with a magnifying glass) may or may not reveal discoloured or cracked electronic components. Pay special attention to possibly leaking electrolytic capacitors.

Mac Powerbook 190 Manual Yellow Plane Parts

You may also want to use a multimeter to carry out a basic DC output voltage (approx. 24 V) test of the power adapter.

Mac Powerbook 190 Manual Yellow Plane Update

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