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OS 10.8.3 - Mail 6.3 - MacBook Pro

  1. Mac Mail Not Downloading
  2. Mac Mail Won't Download Attachments

Mail is POP in, SMTP out.

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  2. Unable to read incoming emails in after installing Office for Mac Original Title: 'problems with mac mail after installing mac Microsoft office 2011' Unable to read some incoming emails in Mac Mail a series of AAAA are appearing instead of text, this happend after loading Mac Microsoft office 2011.

Title says it all. 48 hours ago Mail stopped downloading messages. Click Get Mail and the Mail Activity panel (bottom left) states 'Incoming messages 14 of 14', but nothing arrives. Sending works fine.


Mail also continues to work fine on office iMac and personal iPhone (all same email account).

  • Is there a preference I could delete to refresh things?
  • If not, can I re-load Mail on this machine without affecting things elsewhere?

In Mavericks, Mail creates a separate folder for each download to avoid problems with duplicate filenames. Prior to OS 10.9 Mavericks, this folder was located at /Library/Mail Downloads.


Mac Mail Not Downloading

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MacBook Pro

Mac Mail Won't Download Attachments

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 12:13 PM