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Kongregate free online game Indestruct2Tank - Indestruc2Tank, the long awaited sequel to the surprise hit IndestructoTank with tonnes of new. Play Indestruct2Tank. Indestructo Tank: You are the weapon. Bombs don't hurt, they just shoot you into the air so you can use your tank to ram and destroy. How many combos can you get? Game description Indestructo Tank - the Anniversary Edition! More destructionary than ever!

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As a tank without any weapons you need to be smart. Luckily you're indestructable ! Video glitch app for mac.

Use the enemies' firepower against them by using the force of the blast to launch yourself at them.



Use the arrow keys to control your tank.

Launch yourself at the enemy by using the force of the blasts.

IndestructoTank is an online action game developed by Tony & Matt St Leger, and has been played 199422 times on

Indestructo Tank A.e

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Indestructo Tank 2

Go fishing and play against thousands of other players online

Indestructo Tank 2

Help your faction win the war in this multiplayer battle game.

Indestructo Tank App

Snake around and become the biggest of em all!