How Halo Luxe Uses Instagram To Increase Sales

In modern digital marketing, you need to know how to use Instagram Highlights effectively. You should be using highlights to showcase and categorize your best content. Whenever you post something that is a great reflection of your brand, that’s something that should be highlighted.

Instagram Highlights are a must for anyone who’s putting effort into the platform. Highlights offer you a way to recreate the important functionalities of a website on your Instagram profile. You can create landing page Instagram content, you can create story-style product pages. Instagram Highlights can also be used as an effective way to demonstrate your cornerstone content to give people an immediate idea of who you are or who your brand is.

The recent decision to pull the American classic “Gone with the Wind” from HBO Max has had the Streisand effect, a phenomenon where attempting to suppress something ends up calling more attention to it and thus having the opposite effect of the intended desire. You already know that brands can leverage user-generated photos from Instagram to engage consumers. Today we will measure that engagement and connect it to ecommerce sales. With Instagram, marketers have access to a huge audience of 100 million active users snapping over 40 million photos per day and posting 1000 comments per second. Influenster is your source for honest product reviews. Discover new products, read trending news, watch tutorials, and shop and share your favorite products. Oh, and they also use their Instagram presence to convert customers through their email list. See how much mileage you can get out of just a few user-submitted photos? Curating user-generated content is an expectation for modern brands and likewise a brilliant way to encourage sales. Use social listening to stay on top of buying trends. Urgent situations push us to act fast and scarcity triggers anxiety which also forces us to act promptly. Put into the right hands, these tools can help ecommerce and online businesses boost their conversions and increase sales. A sense of urgency and scarcity can be used by marketers to encourage consumers to purchase. Learn how to apply these tactics to increase your conversion rates.

If you need to learn how to use Instagram Highlights for Business, this is the article for you. Knowing how to use Highlights to your advantage is a valuable skill that’s only going to go up in value as Instagram continues to grow. Because of that, I want to ensure that you’re using best practices with Instagram Highlights. I want you to get the most out of the feature.

If you’re not aware, Instagram Highlights are a collection of content that appears on a profile, below the bio. Highlights are shown with an icon – or cover – similar to the profile icon, with the story circle surrounding it. Highlights can be clicked into, and show a highlight reel of content chosen by the person. Common knowledge is the Highlights are a story that is saved for more than the usual 24 hours.

For businesses and influencers, Instagram Highlights are an amazing way to demonstrate key content, and to keep that content pinned to the top of the profile. It’s a simple and effective way to replace your bio with content that is more native to the Instagram platform. You will see influencers collecting their content that got the best response on their profile, and it will work well for them. You will also see businesses using Instagram Highlights to showcase promotions and marketing campaigns that they have running.

Instagram Highlights are an already important tool that is only set to grow more important with time, especially for brands that are primed to do commerce on the platform. Instagram is currently being prepared for a full launch of its shopping features, which will make Instagram profiles into a major landing spot for traffic when they’re primed to buy. Highlights are a way to take advantage of, and to take control of, how that traffic will respond. Highlights are evergreen content, which allows for more flexibility elsewhere.

Even businesses who won’t be doing commerce directly on the platform stand to gain. You might also be doing commerce on the platform if you’re looking to become an influencer or to use Instagram to create sales in other ways. In that case, you can be using Instagram Highlights to drive customers in the direction you want them to go.

When it comes to the creation of Instagram Highlights, there are only a few things you need to know if you’re already creating content on Instagram – which you should be. Because Highlights are a collection of your content, the first step in using them effectively is to be creating great content already. Outside that, you only need to know how to add the content, what content to add, and how to wrap it up in the cover.

Adding a cover to an Instagram Highlight is fairly simple. Excel for mac will not open file. When creating your Highlight, or in the editing screen, select the cover and add from your Camera Roll. The image will take some time to process if it’s not already stored on Instagram, but shouldn’t take too long.

The real trick with covers is deciding which photo to use. Covers for Instagram Highlights need to be eye-catching, but they will also have very limited space to do so. Make sure that there is an instant connection to your audience between the cover and the content inside. There are plenty of tools available to help you edit your covers.

Of course, you can use Instagram’s built-in editing functions. If you want to go above and beyond, you might want to consider cracking open the Adobe Creative Suite. Photoshop and Illustrator are great tools for creating images that your audience will love. If these are too in-depth or expensive, Canva is a free tool to make quick illustrations for your brand or client.

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Your Highlights need to have an engaging title, and the cover should follow suit. Make sure that it’s brand consistent, something genuine and natural, and feel free to make it fun.

Once you’ve created your Highlight, you need to keep it fresh with content. Your Highlights are going to be important for your page, so keeping the content new and curated is important. You don’t want your audience to be hit without date content immediately. Don’t let your content go stale.

To get this done, go to your profile and tap “Story Highlights.” Tap “+,” select the stories you want to add and click “add”. You can add, remove, or change stories from the “Edit Highlight” tab. Sometimes, removing content will be just as valuable as adding it.

The key to organizing your highlights is to plan them out. When you create a new Highlight, you should have a goal in mind for it. Define the goal and purpose of your Instagram Highlights. There are 4 main goals to keep in mind.

  • Sales Highlights are looking to sell a product.
  • Informative Highlights demonstrate information to show expertise.
  • Lifestyle Highlights show who you or your brand is.
  • Authority Highlights combine content, like video from an accolade you received, to prove authority.

When you’re creating content, keep in mind which of your Highlights it can go into. The best way to create collections is to make one when you find yourself creating content that you’re going to add on or repeat, and it doesn’t fit into a Highlight you’ve already created. All the important content that you want evergreen can find a home in an Instagram Highlight.

With that in mind, using Instagram Highlights for business effectively is as simple as applying basic content marketing principles. There are plenty of ways that they can be applied. Some common use cases would be as a catalog or for testimonials. These are important to your business and easy to fit into little snippets.

How Halo Luxe Uses Instagram To Increase Sales Tax

How Halo Luxe Uses Instagram To Increase Sales

You can also use Highlights to demonstrate product features or aspects of a business. I would also suggest that most businesses have a sort of “About Us” lifestyle Highlight. These are all things that can provide value to your audience or demonstrate your brand’s humanity. That’s what good content is aiming to do.

One final point: make sure to include calls to actions. They don’t need to be in every story within a Highlight, but they should be at the end or peppered throughout. Your Highlights are going to get eyeballs as long as your profile does, and you need to direct those eyeballs.

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As long as you can create effective content, you can use Instagram Highlights effectively for your business.