Hardware Solutionseffective Curriculum Ideas


Download Citation Some ideas on the computer hardware curriculum construction under the internet of things era In order to improve the computer hardware courses teaching quality under the. Get more ideas about digital-age citizen journalism projects at MediaShift Idea Lab. The Heroes They Know: To get acquainted with students at the start of the year and also introduce students to PBL processes, High Tech High teacher Diana Sanchez asked students to create a visual and textual representation of a hero in their own life.

Here are some final project ideas to give you a sense of what we are looking for in these projects. Please do not feel constrained by the list provided below. You are free (in fact, encouraged) to come up with your own ideas!

Synthesia full free. Non-profit projects:

Hardware Solutionseffective Curriculum Ideas
  • Resource manager for homeless agency
  • Sponsored event fundraising app with zero commission
  • Scheduling app for volunteer help
  • Inventory manager for food bank
  • Visitors app of museum guide

Campus quality of life projects:

  • App to coordinate shared food orders from local restaurants
  • Textbook sharing scheme
  • Exercise club app
  • Airport ride sharing app
  • Event noticeboard for campus organizations
  • Student job gossip site

Civil society projects:

Hardware solutionseffective curriculum ideas 4th grade
  • Pork-barrel spending tracker
  • Political position tracker for congressmen
  • Electronic market for local elections
  • Congressional district analyzer
  • Voter registration app
  • Portal for information on public expenditures
  • Fact checking database for political candidates
  • Red state/blue state buddy system
  • Environmental risk tracker for local communities


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Hardware Solutionseffective Curriculum Ideas Preschool

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Hardware Solutionseffective Curriculum Ideas 4th Grade


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