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Description and rules

Eternal travelers, who we know as Fireboy and Watergirl, were in many places. They dove into the mysteries of multiple temples: jumped through the portals in Crystal Temple, avoid meeting with strange creatures in Forest Temple 2.. But the scariest of all was Ghost Temple, where they were once at night.
Here, instead of labyrinths and multiple puzzles, they meet numerous scary ghosts of red and blue color, which sent goosebumps down their spines. Friends have to deal with them as quick as possible to get out of this Angry Ghost Temple. To do this, they have to shoot special missiles to temple’s inhabitants and destroy them: girl should eliminate blue ghosts, and boy – red ones. Player can shoot with mouse, choosing direction and power of shot.
Number of shots on each level is limited: it is denoted by the hearts in the upper left part of screen. Kids should spend for clearing level as few missiles as possible – this way they earn more stars.


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Ghost Escapewatermelon Gaming Games

Ghost escapewatermelon gaming games



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