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Introducing: On The Couch with A/C
We are a new gaming focused Youtube channel with one goal in mind: to bring back the feeling of sitting on a couch next to your best friend and playing a game the old fashioned way. Complete with the banter, competition, and mortal rage we all know and love.
On The Couch is both a place for older gamers looking for that nostalgic blend, and newer gamers who have yet to experience such a lovely way of gaming.
Gaming duo Adam and Corey are the hosts of the couch (hence the A/C) and we look forward to meeting you all.
Now come have a seat with us, we've been waiting.
You can find the channel here! -
We have a Twitter! -
New videos will be posted here on the site for the time being to browse our selection without leaving the website! - Find them here
(You can find more information on the Announcement post.)

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Fancy PantsgamefortFancy Pantsgamefort

Fancy Pants Weebly

He wears the most amazing pair of pants so we call him 'Fancy Pants'. Speed your way through each stage bouncing off springboards, half-pipes and the occasional enemy. Use the arrow keys to control Fancy Pants and fight crazy spiders across three huge levels. The stages get a lot harder as you get closer to the end. Fancy has a great foundation, is well-schooled and knows her ques. She is brave and willing over fences and has an auto-change. Fancy is not the spooky type and will ride with confidence anywhere. Fancy Pants Adventure 2 - Demo Version. 86% 796,910 plays Fancy pants adventure: World 2. 91% 810,095 plays Hi there! Did you know there is a Y8 Forum? Well, fancy that! Bob Hope and Lucille Ball join forces in a Technicolor. Remake of Ruggles of Red Gap and let loose a stampede of laughs. Wise-cracking Bob is a teddibly, teddibly British valet brought to the Old West to teach Old World charms to a certain redheaded tomboy. Of course, Bob's not really a valet. He's an out-of-work actor who's stumbled across the role of his life.