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    Fall in Vermont is all about hiking, scenic drives, apple picking, and exploring small towns. You can’t go wrong wherever you are in Vermont this fall. The leaves are changing color across the state and there’s beauty to be seen in every direction. Cold weather in September—and..

  • Why Vermont’s Fall Foliage is Better than the Rest

    Is Vermont’s fall foliage on track this season? Vermont Forests, Parks, and Recreation Commissioner Mike Snyder has three words for you: trust the trees. And if you want to know why Vermont’s foliage is the world’s best, Snyder says it comes down to variation, vibrancy, and..

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    An interesting but not surprising fact: Vermont has more dirt roads than paved ones. With more than 8,600 miles of unpaved roads across the state (compared to 7,151 miles of paved roads), Vermont has no shortage of scenic dirt roads to explore by car, bike,..

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    Scenic drives are a favorite pastime in Vermont. Throughout the year, many roads offer not only gorgeous views but also access to forests, hiking trails, and mountain bike trail networks. It’s worth noting that some of Vermont’s most scenic and rugged routes close during the..

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  • 7 Ways to Enjoy October in Vermont

    Leaf-peeping season is in full swing in Vermont. If you’re looking for things to do during these beautiful autumn days, here are a few ideas. Take a Hike Vermont is 75 percent forested, which means there are thousands upon thousands of acres to explore. You can do..

  • Happy Vermonters: Forester Mike Snyder Gets Primed for Vermont’s Most Colorful Season

    Mike Snyder is the go-to guy for Vermont fall foliage updates. As commissioner of Forests, Parks, and Recreation, Snyder is known as Vermont’s Chief Foliage Forecaster. He provides weekly foliage reports to the media and the state tourism office in September and October. Last week, Snyder hiked..

  • 6 Vermont Town Forests to Explore this Fall

    Fall hiking in Vermont isn’t just about climbing 4,000-foot peaks. Hiking in Vermont town forests is another way to enjoy the outdoors during fall foliage season. Vermont towns have a long and proud tradition of owning and managing forests for public benefit. The tradition of towns..

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    Are you looking for places to visit in Vermont in fall? Here are 15 Vermont towns worth exploring when the leaves change this autumn. Ripton Route 125 runs through the heart of the Green Mountains between Routes 7 and 100. Along the way is the small town..

  • 8 Best Vermont Fall Foliage Locations

    What are some of the best Vermont fall foliage locations to visit? Fall will be here before you know it. The last week of September and first two weeks of October are typically prime time for foliage season in Vermont. But over the last couple of..

  • 20 Things to Do in Vermont this Fall

    Looking for fun things to do in Vermont this fall? Here are 20 ideas to help you make the most of fall foliage season in the Green Mountain State. (updated Sept. 13, 2019) Find Your Way Through a Corn Maze in Danville The largest maze in New..

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Fall foliage train tours are a great alternative to driving. 5 Best Pumpkin Festivals in New England. Looking for phenomenal fall celebrations? These annual events are the 5 best pumpkin festivals in New England! Prettiest Fall Foliage Villages in Vermont. Vermont recently declared itself home of the World’s Best Foliage. But if you’ve got the space, you’ll be happy with its striking claret-colored fall foliage and the equally appealing texture of the lance-shaped leaves. Drought tolerant and hardy to Zone 6. Katsura (Cercidiphyllum japonicum): The unmistakable heart-shaped leaves emerge purple in the spring and seem to turn buttery yellow overnight in autumn. Falling leaves smell wonderfully like burnt sugar.

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This is the newest addition to our arsenal of promotional ideas for your show. Everyone has talked about this, but it’s been expensive and difficult. We’ve come up with a way you can have your own virtual show and now it’s easy and affordable! Take a look: https://virtualshows.orderfromtheartist.com/how-does-a-virtual-show-work/

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