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The Elephant Game
A Therapeutic Game That Fosters Quick, Cooperative Actions

How To Play


Elephant Questspiter Games To Play

• Increase attention span
• Promote body awareness and refine motor coordination
• Develop a keen sense of observation
• Provide cognitive/academic skills training
• Learn cooperation, positive interaction and adaptability
• Experience appropriate touch


No supplies needed! However, there should be at least 6 players. This therapeutic game works well for even larger groups of children too.


The children sit in a circle. The facilitator begins by sitting in the center of the circle and demonstrates how each animal is made. After all the children have had a turn being the 'elephant,” then the group can learn and practice making a 'rabbit” and then a 'raccoon.”

To start, the facilitator points to any child they wish and calls out one of the three animals, e.g., 'Elephant.' and quickly counts '1,2,3,4,5.' (If the players have learning disabilities, you may increase the time by counting to 10.) As quickly as possible, the selected child makes the elephant trunk with two fists in front of his nose. (see picture.) The child sitting to the immediate right and left of the chosen child add the correct specific animal ears (Note: this means the child on the left will use their closest hand to make the ear, which is their right hand, and visa versa for the child on the right). All three children attempt to complete the addition of their animal body-part before the person who is 'it' stops counting. The player who takes the longest or does the wrong body part, then has to be 'it.' This child should quickly select and point to another child while calling out the name of an animal of his choice.

The instructions to form each animal are as follows::

Trunk: Two fists placed end-to-end extending from the center child's nose (see picture)
Ears: Open hand facing forward which moves in a 'flapping' fashion next to the head without actually touching.

Tail: Two fists behind the back at the base of the tailbone.
Ears: The pointer finger is placed just behind the temple and is lightly touching the 'rabbit's' head.

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Eyes : Put the tips of thumb and fingers together over the eyes like pair of binoculars.
Ears: Children on the left and right side, cup a hand and place it lightly on the 'racoon's' head.

The challenge and excitement of the game comes when the group knows how to make all three animals and the child who is 'it' can choose any animal to catch the players off guard.

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For an even harder challenge, allow “it” to name two animals by pointing at one child and call 'elephant' and then turn quickly around and point at another child and call a different animal such as 'rabbit.' This is especially hilarious to watch as all the players move their arms and hands in all directions.