Duplicate Video Cleaner For Mac

We have heard many people saying that duplicates are keeping them stuck on the same page for longer hours. When in a jiffy, we open our folder and see that there are numerous pictures and videos. Now it’s simply tough to finally locate your own requirement at one end and sort duplicates at another. Surely, you need a duplicate photo and video remover at an edge.

Photos Duplicate Cleaner - seems to work smarter, it only looks for true duplicates inside the “originals” folder of the library, ignoring duplicates (pointers in the albums) It also AutoMarks duplicates from its discovery. Sofar so good, BUT lets say it marks photo #2 (the duplicate) for removal and a photo inside an “Album” points to. Avast Cleanup Premium for Mac scans your hard disk for hidden junk files, finds duplicates you never knew about, and keeps your Mac running smooth. Carte france tomtom one crack activation.

Now, for the former issue, check out photo organizing software. Let us also help you with the latter and suggest some important tips, to begin with.

Plus, if you wonder why should I install a duplicate photo and video remover in phone or computer system then you will be able to

  • Save a good chunk of space for other software and app in your device.
  • The organization of content becomes easier for us.
  • Throw away the efforts of manual searching and rather enjoy automatic scans.

Duplicate Photo and Video Remover For Mac/Windows

Here’s how to remove duplicate photos and videos from Mac and Windows in order to solve the issue of space clogging.

Duplicate Files Fixer

As the name says, this tool is an amazing duplicate file remover and manages the whole collection smartly. Not just a duplicate photo and video remover, get the copies of unnecessary files also deleted.

1. You get to ‘Add photos’ or ‘Add folder’ before finally scanning for duplicate files, photos, videos, etc. You can also choose to exclude files/folders, and put them in a protected zone according to your choice.

2. Get the results divided into various categories like Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Other files or simply All.

3. Once scanned, select ‘Automark’ to automatically mark duplicates while leaving a copy of each. Delete the required ones and you are free to move ahead.

4. You can also check the ‘Scan history’ with the date and time of last scanned. Also, customize the settings for the final output under the Settings tab.

Download Duplicate Files Fixer

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Duplicate Photo and Video Remover For Mobile Phone

Let us take you through the application which acts as a powerful duplicate photo and video remover for Android.

1. Duplicate Photo Video Remover

Duplicate video cleaner for macbook pro

Developed by Genpack, this application is absolutely cool with identifying duplicate videos, photos, songs, contacts, etc. on the internal storage SD card. To save unnecessary occupied space, install the application.

When you send a picture on WhatsApp or place it on Instagram or Facebook, our phones tend to make a copy of the same. Regular updates like these tend to cover the phone space and clog memory.



  • Select the specified folder to find duplicates
  • Remove duplicates from internal as well as external storage systems.
  • The auto-marking of duplicate copies is a cool feature that keeps a copy of each file before you choose to delete them.
  • Duplicate photo and video remover keeps your gallery organized in a neat and simple way.
  • You can hide certain files from getting scanned.
  • In fact, you can merge or delete duplicate contacts through this application.
  • Save the session and search results so that no second round is required once again. Yes, it is going to save not only the phone’s space but also your personal time.

Though there are some ads that pop-up in between and divert the experience of a user, another alternative is also here for better solutions.

Availability: Android

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2. Duplicate Files Fixer and Remover

Developed by Systweak, this application scans your phone in order to find duplicates and get additional storage space back. Apart from acting as a powerful duplicate photo and video remover, this app can remove similar pictures too.


Video Duplicate Cleaner Mac

  • Superfast scan engine in order to find duplicate files, videos, photos, documents, etc.
  • A very easy and appealing interface where one single tap can scan the phone, find results and delete them effortlessly.
  • Set scanning criteria or folders as per your requirements. Also, it auto-mark the copies that throw away the need for manual efforts.
  • It is supported by various themes and has a multi-language(German, French, Arabic, etc.) backup. Yes, that helps in serving a huge user-base.

Availability: Android

Problem Fixed!

Once you get to learn these tools for duplicate photo video removal, your problems of space blocking and organized library are already fixed. Get them today in your computer system or Android device and enjoy life stress-free.


For Mac users, please find our 10 best duplicate file finder for Mac. For other updates, follow us on Facebook & YouTube for sure. Also, let us know your reviews and suggestions in the comment section below. We are listening!

What Do You Think?

Duplicate files can be a massive pain and cause huge headaches when you’re trying to find a specific file in all of that digital clutter. Not to mention all the space they take up on your hard drives. But who has the time, or the patience, to go through their entire computer folder by folder trying to clean it all up?

Fortunately, there are some really great apps that will scan for duplicate files and help you get rid of them in a flash. Here’s a glance at the top duplicate finders you’ll read about below:

1Gemini 2 Quickly remove duplicate files with one button.Link
2dupeGuruMac duplicate finder with specialized modes for music and photos.Link
3Duplicate SweeperPowerful tool that will remove any and all duplicates it finds.Link

Top 7 duplicate file finders for Mac

It’s always a good idea to scan for duplicates on your Mac. Maybe you’re running out of storage space, or your Mac feels a little more sluggish than usual. In either case, cleaning up the copied files on your computer should help you out some. And don’t worry, we’ve done the hard part for you by ranking the top duplicate finder apps for your Mac.

1. Gemini 2

Topping this list is Gemini 2. Not only is it easy to use, but it’s also an intelligent duplicate file remover for Mac. After it scans either a specific folder or your entire hard drive, you’re given two options, reviewing the results or simply deleting the duplicates with just one click of the Smart Cleanup button.

If you decide you want to review the copies that Gemini 2 finds, you’ll see the obvious information like the filename and other metadata, and you can view the photos or playback videos and music files.

2. dupeGuru

Similar to some of the other apps on this list, when you scan your computer with dupeGuru, it not only shows you files with duplicate filename but it also checks your files to see if they’re similar in any way. It also has special modes for music and photos to look for and display different information for both file types. The one downside to dupeGuru is that its interface is a little older and may not be as straightforward as some of the other apps on this list.

3. Duplicate Sweeper

Duplicate Video Cleaner For Macbook Air

You can scan any folder on your computer with Duplicate Sweeper, and it will show you all the copies of your files. Enabling the Auto Select feature will have the app choose which file you keep, but it’s strongly advised you still review those results before deleting any of them. Duplicate Sweeper scans everything in the folder(s) you select, including app files. So, if you accidentally delete a file that an app needs to run, then the app might not run correctly the next time you use it. Long story short, when using Duplicate Sweeper, just make sure you’re only deleting files you know are safe to remove.

4. Disk Drill

Disk Drill is actually a very powerful data recovery tool with an extra feature of duplicate finder for Mac. When you run Disk Drill, it will scan the folders you’ve selected and show you all of your copied files. The thing to keep in mind though, is that it will only show exact duplicates. Which means it might miss things like similar-looking photos where the angle is slightly different or duplicate files with different filenames. But one of the biggest benefits of running Disk Drill is if you do accidentally delete a file, you can run Disk Drill’s file recovery tool.

Duplicate Video Cleaner For Macbook Pro

5. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder delivers on everything its name promises. You can simply drag and drop the folders you want to scan. Like other Mac duplicate finders, it lets you quickly review and delete the copies that it finds. But it also has an undo-delete feature, so if you do accidentally remove a file, you’re able to undo it.

6. Duplicate Detective

Where Duplicate Detective really shines is with its simple-to-use and minimal interface. Even most novices would be able to open it and figure out how to find duplicate files on a Mac. But maybe you find yourself scanning for duplicates on a regular basis, the app has more advanced features, like Ignored Folder or Ignored File Extensions. So, you can scan better and smarter. If you download the trial to test it out, keep in mind, you can only scan for copied files, and if you want to delete those files, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version.

7. Photos Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Video Cleaner For Macbook

Rounding out the list with a sleek interface is the app Photos Duplicate Cleaner. It scans your iPhoto or Photos library, looking not only for duplicates but also for similar-looking images. And it even works with libraries that are stored on external hard drives. The obvious downside is that this app is only for your pictures, so if you wanted to scan for copies of other file types in the future, you’d need another app.

Duplicate Video Cleaner For Mac Os

It’s good to get in the habit of regularly scanning your Mac for duplicate and similar files. Whether you mean to or not, duplicates happen to the best of us. But being consistent about scanning and checking for them will help you keep the number of them down. And not to mention, help your Mac run at its best.