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  1. Note that many other databases are supported, the main criteria being the existence of a functional SqlAlchemy dialect and Python driver. Googling the keyword sqlalchemy in addition of a keyword that describes the database you want to connect to should get you to the right place.
  2. It provides a common set of features across all databases and can be installed on any Operating System which has a Java Runtime available. The tool uses JDBC drivers for connecting to a database. For most popular databases (Oracle, DB2, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Cloudscape, PostgreSQL and Firebird), the JDBC driver is already included.

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I am new to working with IBM as/400 database. I heard of DB2.NET Data Provider that helps connect to this database, but not sure where to begin. Where do I fing this DLL and how to install this Pr.

Below is the procedure to connect DB2 version – DB2 for i V7R2 TR4 using drivers – db2jcc4.jar, db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar.

We had following exception when we click on ‘Test Connection’ after configuring JDBC Connection resource as below.

The above exception would be solved by adding db2jcc4.jar, db2jcc_license_cisuz.jar at %BW_HOME%6.3configdesignthirdparty

When we try to run/debug the application. We will be faced with following exception


09:08:52.456 ERROR [CM Configuration Updater (Update: pid=bw.resource.jdbc.f47acaa5-7144-47c8-96f7-29857b5ab64b)] c.t.b.s.r.d.ReferenceDependency – TIBCO-BW-SR-FRWK-503000: Unable to start SharedResource [test.db2.JDBCConnectionResource1] from Module [test.db2:1.0.0.qualifier], DeploymentUnit [test.db2.application:1.0]. : TIBCO-BW-SR-JDBC-500003: The database driver [com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driver] is not found. Ensure that DataSourceFactory bundle providing this driver is available in the environment.

09:08:52.902 ERROR [Job_Executor0] com.tibco.thor.frwk.Application – TIBCO-THOR-FRWK-600026: Failed to start BW Application [test.db2.application:1.0]. Reason: TIBCO-BW-FRWK-600063: Failed to start BW Process [test.db2.Process] of BW Module [test.db2].

java.lang.RuntimeException: TIBCO-BW-FRWK-600064: Failed to create Shared Resource [test.db2.JDBCConnectionResource1]. For the cause look for log message with prefix “TIBCO-BW-SR-FRWK” in this log file.

09:08:52.920 INFO [Job_Executor0] com.tibco.thor.frwk.Application – TIBCO-THOR-FRWK-300008: Stopped BW Application [test.db2.application:1.0]


The above exception could be solved making the driver available for run time.

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c:tibco_bw633_newbw6.3binbwinstall.exe db2-driver

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Restart the Business Studio, our application should be able communicate with DB2.

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Configuring the IBM DB2 JDBC Driver

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IBM DB2 requires a type 2 Java Database Connectivity driver (JDBC driver) as the database client. The JDBC driver is used to connect a Java-based application to an IBM DB2 database that is running on either the same machine or a remote machine. In a clustered deployment of Tivoli Identity Manager, the JDBC driver enables all the Tivoli Identity Manager servers to communicate with the data source and share information. For more information, refer to IBM DB2 documentation.

  1. The JDBC driver that IBM DB2 product installs is called the IBM DB2 runtime client.
  2. To ensure that database connections are correctly released on Intel platforms, use TCP sockets. Do not use named pipes as the connection method on the IBM DB2 client. The named pipes method has a limit of the number of connections that cause Tivoli Identity Manager database errors.

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Assuming that IBM DB2 is not installed on the target computer, you must install and configure the JDBC driver and required fix pack on the following targets. For more information, refer to the IBM Tivoli Identity Manager Release Notes.

  • The computer that has the Network Deployment Manager
  • Each cluster member on which you expect to install Tivoli Identity Manager Server
  • On the computer that has a single-server installation, where IBM DB2 is remote.

On each target, do the following:

  1. Install and configure the JDBC driver and the required fix pack.
    1. AIX only: If the JDBC driver is on AIX, ensure that you also set the environment variable EXTSHM to ON.

      Before starting the WebSphere Application Server on AIX, enter the following in a client session:

    2. You can add export EXTSHM=ON to the IBM DB2 profile. When the profile is sourced, the environment variable will be set.
  2. Ensure that you have sourced the IBM DB2 profile with a valid db2InstanceHome directory. The default is:
    • AIX, Linux, and HP-UX: /home/db2inst1
    • Solaris: /export/home/db2inst1

    To source the profile, enter the following command in an IBM DB2 command window:

    The IBM DB2 profile must be sourced every time the WebSphere Application Server starts. Include this command in your .profile file to ensure this occurs.

    To verify that you successfully sourced the IBM DB2 profile, enter the following:

    The resulting display is similar to the following:

  3. Catalog the database by taking the following steps:
    1. Open an IBM DB2 command window.

      Enter su - <db2InstanceName> where <db2InstanceName> is the IBM DB2 instance owner such as db2inst1.

    2. In the command window on the client, execute this command on one line:


      node db2node_hostname
      A local alias for the node to be cataloged. It is the host name of the computer on which the database resides. This user-defined value represents the internal IBM DB2 node name.
      The value of db2node_hostname cannot exceed eight characters in length.
      remote db2server_hostname
      Host name of the node on which IBM DB2 resides. The host name is the name of the node that is known to the TCP/IP network. For example, the name is db2server2host.
      server service-nameportnumber
      Specifies the service name or the port number of the server database manager instance. The default value of the IBM DB2 port number is 50000. Locate the current port number in the /etc/services file on the computer on which the IBM DB2 server resides. The port number on the client and the server must match. If a port number is specified, no service name needs to be specified in the local TCP/IP services file.
    3. Enter the following command to catalog the database:
  4. To test that cataloging was successful, enter the following:

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