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Bubble Tanks 3 June 7, 2011

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In this game, You are a little bubble tank trying to kill your enemies. you shoot bubbles, collect bubbles, upgrade your bubbles, and have fun. All you really need to do is upgrade your bubble tank as fast as you can, and you’ll win. Well, you can’t actually win. Free games like xcomaccountnew. There are an infinite number of enemy tanks, combinations of enemy tanks, and different guns. The guns shoot bubbles (go figure) and can do bigger or smaller amounts of damage depending on how powerful they are. I have played this for 3 1/2 hours before, and and I couldn’t even tell there is time passing. As you might have guessed, there are two more versions of this game ( 1 & 2 ) but they are nowhere near as awesome as this one.


Bubble Tanks Tower Defense: Build up a maze of the most fearsome tank-towers and take out all the enemies before they can get to the end in Bubble Tanks Tower Defense. While many tower defense games these days have begun to shy away from giving the player the liberty to create their very own maze—not this one. Bubble Tanks is all about the maze. More cool games. On this landed page, you can play Tank Challenge games online. Bubble Tanks 3, which was released in 2010, is the third in a series of shooters. Some of the players said it was better than Bubble Tanks 2, while some said it was worse than Bubble Tanks 2. Bubble Tanks 1 was designed around some simple concepts: make a game that 1) allowed you to grow, 2) explore and constantly experience new things, and 3) choos. Bubble Tanks Unblocked Game. Cool Math Games For Kids is has the best selection of cool math games for kids online.



Bubble Tanks 3loads Of Cool Games To Play

Bubble Tanks 3 is one of those games that comes along and truly makes you sit down and realize that flash gaming can easily compare to conventional gaming. Once you've sat down to play this game you realize that you don't really need to have some sort of major publisher create AAA games, or have indie game developers try out fancy gimmicks to make their games appealing and fun. You just need a game that has great mechanics, fast paced gameplay, and a rewarding progression system to actually bring players back time and time again.

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Purpose of game

Imagine this scenario while you play: You start off as a bubble. That doesn't really seem all that powerful, but that's what you are. You're a single, yellow bubble stuck in the shell of a bigger bubble membrane, and you can shoot little bubbles from the front of your bubble tank in any direction that your mouse happens to be pointing at. What you do is go in, shoot at all the other bubbles that are on the screen, and collect their bubble remnants. Bubble enemies can range from simple little bubbles designed to be used as an HP boost, all the way to big bubbles that fly around and shoot back at you, trying to do the same thing.

Starting to sound a little bit complicated? Gets even better.

After collecting enough bubbles you can then use them to upgrade your Bubble Tank in a variety of different ways. One way has you changing the way your bubble shots work, either allowing you to charge up special attacks, spread them out, or attack faster. Another way has you upgrading and utilizing secondary attacks that work either when a condition is met, or whenever you press a specific button. All of these bubble tank upgrades also go down separate different development paths as well, so you can replay the game and literally create a different tank each and every time you play.


Special Tricks

Plus what Bubble Tanks 3 has that other competitors don't have, or earlier incarnations have in the franchise is the ability to save, customize, and upload your tank designs and other players from around the world can access and play as well, making the options to play almost limitless. Coupled with the options you get on the start menu that Bubble Tanks 1 wouldn't even dream of, and you have a complete game that rivals AAA developed games that's completely free to play whenever you log onto the internet.

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Sounds great right? Let's say though that you're the sort of person who's either played the game a half dozen times before or just want to see how crazy the action can get. What then? Well if you've played Bubble Tanks 3 Unblocked before, you'll really enjoy the options you can find in Bubble Tanks 3 Hacked where every option is available to you right from the start. You can create, edit, and customize your Bubble tanks, enemy types, levels, HP, and more at the click of a button and just get to work enjoying the game your way.