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A BMW VIN is a unique code that identifies every BMW vehicle in the world. For this reason, it can be used to find out detailed information about a vehicle. This data can prove especially useful when purchasing used cars. Checking the VIN in BMW will allow you to verify that the car has not been stolen, damaged or modified. So where to find the VIN on a BMW and how to decode it? We advise.


Bmw Motorcycle Serial Number Decoder

BMW – VIN number decoder

Decoding VIN in BMW allows, among other things, to verify whether the current equipment of the car is originally installed in the vehicle by the manufacturer. In addition to the general parameters of the car, such as the color of the paint and the series, the VIN verification in BMW also allows you to read important information about the history of the vehicle. This is especially helpful if someone is interested in buying a BMW from abroad, because decoding the chassis number will provide key information about the car. And any discrepancies between the current data provided by the seller and those in the BMW VIN code may mean that the offered vehicle has had an accident or was stolen in the past.


BMW – VIN number search

Finding a VIN on a BMW sometimes proves difficult. Especially that the producers will not always put the code in obvious places. Much depends on the particular BMW model and its year. So where can you find the VIN on the BMW 118? In the years 2007 – 2011, the VIN number was placed on a permanent element located on the right side reinforcement, near the right shock absorber seat. But already in the BMW 120, which were produced in 2011-2016, the VIN number is located on the right side member behind the right wheel. In turn, the BMW 125 VIN was located in two places. On the other hand, the BMW 316, which is popular with young drivers, has the chassis number on the right side reinforcement. Finding the VIN number, regardless of whether it is a BMW 318, BMW 320, BMW 330, BMW 518, BMW 520, 530, 635, 730 or BMW X5 or BMW X6, may be time consuming, but it is worth checking the chassis number on the stamped permanent element. And any tampering with the stamped VIN number may suggest that there may be hidden problems with the vehicle.

BMW – VIN check

Bmw Motorcycle Serial Number Decoder

The decoding of the VIN in BMW allows you to read important information about the car. This is mainly due to the fact that the vehicle history report may contain data on the odometer reading, possible theft, damage or equipment. And these parameters play an important role when buying a car, especially if BMW will be registered for the first time in the country. So how do you check the VIN on a BMW? Just fill out the form below and use the free or paid version of the BMW vehicle history report. Remember that the cost of a full vehicle history report is small in relation to the price we can pay for a car that may have entered the country illegally.

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Every vehicle manufacturer is obliged to mark each vehicle with a unique VIN number. A large amount of essential data is related to the VIN number and using BMW X5 VIN decoder the buyer can confirm the relevant details to enable making an informed buying decision and consider other potential options. FAXVIN is free VIN decoder online. Best BMW VIN decoder is the identification code for a specific vehicle. In simple words, every car has a serial number that is known as the vehicle identification number (VIN). VIN code was essential to introduce to ensure the security of the vehicles. In 2017 BMW had the biggest recall of more than 1.4 million cars and SUVs due to fire risk.

Decoding Vehicle Identification Number

First 3 characters represent the Manufacturer's code

  • 4US – BMW NA MFG
  • NCO – BMW South Africa
  • WBA – BMW AG
  • WBS – Motorsport

Characters 4 - 7 are the Vehicle Model Code

Character 8 is the Safety System Identifier

  • 0 - Seatbelts
  • 1 - Seatbelts, Drivers airbag
  • 2 - Seatbelts, Dual airbags
  • 3 - Seatbelts, 2nd generation, dual front airbags
  • 4 - Seatbelts, Dual-stage advanced front airbags
Bmw 5 series vin decoderSerial

Character 9 is a Check digit

Character 10 is the Model / Year Identifier

  • B – 1981
  • C – 1982
  • D – 1983
  • E – 1984
  • F – 1985
  • G – 1986
  • H – 1987
  • J – 1988
  • K – 1989
  • L – 1990
  • M – 1991
  • N – 1992
  • P – 1993
  • R – 1994
  • S – 1995
  • T – 1996
  • V – 1997
  • W – 1998
  • X – 1999
  • Y – 2000
  • 1 – 2001
  • 2 – 2002
  • 3 – 2003
  • 4 – 2004
  • 5 – 2005
  • 6 – 2006
  • 7 – 2007
  • 8 – 2008
  • 9 – 2009
  • A – 2010
  • B – 2011
  • C – 2012

Character 11 is the Plant Code

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Bmw Serial Number Decoder
  • A, F, K – Munich, Germany
  • C, B, D, G – Dingolfing, Germany
  • E, J, P – Regensburg, Germany
  • L, M – Spartanburg, U.S.A
  • N – Roslyn, South Africa
  • W – Graz, Austria
  • V – Leipzig, Germany

Characters 12 – 17 are the Sequential Production Numbers of the Vehicle.

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