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‎1.5.3 Update: Improved iOS 8 compatability. Overview: One Monkey, one super-suit, and one million Bloons. Soar through 5 worlds of Bloon-popping goodness for the whole family, as you earn your way through more than 20 super-power upgrades. With simple controls that anyone can play but plenty of lat. How to play Bloons Super Monkey Use your mouse to move. Firing at balloons happens automatically. To complete a level, pop the required number of balloons. Description Bloons Super Monkey is a 2D, top-down vertically scrolling game where the player needs to pop (shoot) a set amount of the balloons in order to pass a wave. There are five stages in the game and every stage contains three waves. The character, a flying monkey, is moved around using the mouse and shooting is done automatically. Bloons Super Monkey Skill Action Arcade Adventure Card Classic Fighting Racing Kids Enigma Girl Management Words Musical Platform Puzzle Thinking Role-Playing Sport Strategy Shooting Home Arcade games Bloons Super Monkey.

Bloons Super Monkey 2 is a cute story about battalions of balloons invading the Monkey Town. If you love popping the colorful shapes and patterns of balloons, then you will surely love this game. Help the Super Monkey stop and end the invasion of the balloons in the Monkey Town. There is a legion of color coordinated balloons invading the town, but you don’t have to worry as Super Monkey is equipped with dozens of powerful weapons.

Entice yourself by unlocking rare Super Monkeys that you have never seen before. Pop up those Bloons by using dozens of power-ups that will completely clear out all the balloons and get awarded with a flawless diamond ranking.

Use up All the Fascinating Features of the Bloons Super Monkey 2 App

There is only one way to blast off all the balloons, and that is to employ all the fascinating features of the Bloons Super Monkey 2 app. Enjoy the fast pacing action game scheme. You just have to pop up everything, all the balloons in the sky invading the town. This makes the game more fun and festive. Keep blasting out all the Bloons in the sky with the help of the Super Monkey.

The Bloons Super Monkey 2 has fifty lively and fun-filled levels. Each of the levels is designed with a distinctively unique balloon waves.

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Intensify the Game with Other Marvelous Bloons Super Monkey 2 Game Features

Enjoy the luxury of easy controls. Entertain your eyes with the colorful and fun interface of this app. New online game players will surely have a wonderful time playing this game. Hardcore players of this app will be put into a skill test with the diamond challenges. This will surely intensify the fun and excitement of the Bloons Super Monkey 2 game.

Make use of more than ninety weapons that include Yeti, Sidewinder Ace, and Doom Gauntlets. You will also have a chance to pop up all the balloons with over forty power-ups. So, make use of the Sun God, Parallel Universe Monkey, and Explosive Shots.

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You can also go around comparing your level ranks with your friends.

Bloons Super Monkey 2 Essentials and Requirements

If you want to download this game, you can visit the Google App Store and download it from there. This app is offered by the ninja kiwi game developer for only $2.99. You only need a 75.77 MB of memory space and a 1.0.3 version of Android.

Bloons Super Monkeywatermelon Gaming Game

In addition, Bloons Super Monkey 2 game has other essentials and permissions’ request. One of these would be to get access to your Files, Media, and Photos. However, you don’t have to get jittery about the idea because the game will have no sort of any kind of interaction with any of these applications and files on your phone. The app only needs to read and write to the external storage of your device. This is only to relay rewarded video advertisements.

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Moreover, Bloons Super Monkey 2 app enables you to buy the in-game items like pay real money. If you don’t want any in-app purchases in the game, you can always update the device settings.