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Desktop Organizer Software – Keeping Your Desktop Clean and Organized


When you take a look at your desktop and see too many icons and folders on the desktop, it can easily confuse you when you try to find a particular software shortcut to launch. Aside from making your desktop look cluttered and not pleasing to the eyes, too many desktop objects can actually affect the performance of your computer negatively.

It can slow down your computer processes since your desktop icons require a lot of memory to load and keep. Desktop organizer software can help you to solve the problem. It can make your desktop look clean and organized, with various desktop management features available.

Stardock Fences

Stardock Fences is a desktop organizer software that allows you to organize your desktop shortcuts and icons by grouping them together by category. The key features offered by this software include high-DPI monitor support, shaded areas, wallpaper blurs, hide and show icons with a double click, and swipe between multiple pages. It is available for Windows.

Rocket Dock

RocketDock is a free desktop organizer software that allows you to create a dock for your desktop application shortcuts. It is an application launcher software that keeps all program shortcuts, files, and folders on your desktop more organized, with smooth animation. It is available only for the 32-bit version of Windows.


Dexpot is a virtual desktop software for Windows, which allows you to easily create many virtual desktop areas on your computer. The software helps you to overcome desktop clutter, organize your applications in specific areas, and allows you to work with many applications in different virtual desktops at the same time. This software is free for personal use, and it is available only for Windows.

D.O.A (Desktop Organizer and Arranger)

D.O.A is a desktop manager application that allows you to split your desktop into many areas. Each desktop area can be individually labeled for easier application, folder, and file categorization. This software is available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.


EfficientPIM is an award-winning desktop organizer software that allows you to not only manage your desktop, but also manage your life as well. It offers various features, including time management, multiple interface styles, import main holidays, desktop notes, and notes management. The software is available for Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.


Rainmeter is a desktop customization utility that allows you to organize and customize your desktop in various ways. With this software, you can display weather forecasts, customizable skins, RSS, memory meter, and battery power on your desktop. This software is free, and it is available for Windows.


Launchy is an open-source keystroke launcher software that allows you to launch your computer programs with specific keystrokes. With this software, you can speed up the process of launching your applications, without the need to find any specific desktop shortcut for that application. Not only launching your programs, it can also be used to launch your files with specific keystrokes. This software is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


MyFolders is a shell extension for Windows Explorer that allows you to launch any folder just by right-clicking on your desktop area. This can save a lot of time for you to find the folders, files, and programs that you want to access from your desktop. This is a free Windows program with various operations, such as Copy To, Move To, Go To, and Open Command Window.

Tool Box

ToolBox is a small utility that allows you to launch applications on Windows operating system in a quicker way. It offers various features, including multiple application launching windows, shortcut creation, support for any icon size, transparency effects, customizable user interface, and drive size monitoring.

Other Desktop Organizer Software for Different Platforms

Most desktop organizer softwares is available for Windows operating system, but there are also other desktop organizing softwares that are available for other platforms, such as Mac OS X, Linux, and Android.


DesktopShelves helps you to organize all of your folders into shelves, so that you can keep your desktop looking clean, organized, and easily accessible. It features Finder integration, hotkey access to your shelves, drop a text selection, text snippets, and different shelf designs. This software is available only for Mac OS X.


Best Desktop Apps Mac For Android Texts

AirDroid is a software that allows you to access your phone via your computer desktop. With this software, you don’t need to take a look at your phone frequently in order to respond to SMS, calls, emails, chat messages, and so on. This software is available for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, and the web platform.


SE-DesktopConstructor is a simple software that allows you to change your desktop background automatically, place a calendar or clock on your desktop, and organize your desktop icons into various categories. It helps you to easily access your desktop icons. It is available for Windows.

LaunchBar Commander


LaunchBar Commander is a desktop organizer software that allows you to create a Mac-style dock on your Windows desktop, so that you can access your files, folders, and programs with ease. This software can be used as an application launcher for your programs, with various docking bar configurations. This software is available only for Windows.

Stardock Tiles – Best Desktop Organizer Software of 2016

Stardock Tiles allows you to view and manage your running applications on the side screen of your desktop. It features a quick switch from active to inactive tasks, custom page creation, move applications, view and manage running applications, and tile configurations. This software is available for Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

What is Desktop Organizer Software?

Best Desktop Apps Mac For Android Text Editor

Desktop organizer software is a type of software that allows you to organize your desktop to make it look cleaner and more accessible. It deals with your desktop’s clutter and make them organized in a categorized way. This software can greatly improve your productivity since you no longer need to spend a lot of time finding the applications, files, or folders that you want to launch from your desktop.

How to Install Desktop Organizer Software?

Installing desktop organizer software is very easy. You just need to download the installation file from the official website of the respective software and run the installation file on your device. However, some desktop organizer software may require you to have a modern version of Windows, Mac, or Linux operating systems, since they might use various animation features that can only be implemented on modern systems.

Organizing your desktop is important to keep you feel comfortable in using your computer. With a cluttered desktop, anybody can become stressful, even before they start working on their computer. So, desktop organizer software can help you ease your stress in using your computer, as well as make your desktop look cleaner and more pleasing to look. It can help to improve your productivity and keep things organized.

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