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Comments about Avalanche:

yea im having trouble submitting thehighscore as well, though it doesn'treally matter cause i barely pass 200fthehePallazo
?? Played Avalanche last night with notroubles, today for every game I startto climb then all of a sudden it wontjump off the sides of blocks, usuallyhappens around 200 feet, making itimpossible to double jump and jump fromblock to block, the only time I can jumpis when standing on top of a block, veryweird, very frustrating. Anotherglitched game.-White-Wolf-
Fun addictive game, the name does notreally fit the game tho ?! An Avalancheof blocks maybe, more like Room of lavadoom :) Try to stay towards the egdes soyou can go through the wall, I keepstaying in the middle and getting boxedin. Good game, 3*'s controls are a bitinconsistant and the game runs way tofast, maybe its just my computer.-White-Wolf-
micheal douglaschocolate thunder
june bug was herechocolate thunder
nbchristerson is a lttle overactivemonkeychocolate thunder
Avalanche has changed my life. after 3yrs. of salvia and heroine. then findingAvalanche i am now drug free.hahahahahahahahahahanbchristerson
best game in the world i am addicted anda 'beck'nbchristerson
I would feel sorry for anyone who beatAvalanche but failed to record the highscore! Wouldn't you feel sorry for him?;)garyoak99
I have to admit — the music in Avalancheis awesome!!!sevencube3
this kid at my school beat it but hedidnt record it he got 900juicy211989

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