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Have you thought about using augmented reality in distance learning this year? In this blog post, I’ll take you through strategies for using this powerful supplemental resource to support student learning at home. As we’ve seen this past year, there are ways to transfer some learning experiences to at-home environments, but this is hardly a quick or easy switch.

We’re all on a voyage together embarking on and embracing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). My district, school, and fourth grade team have made the plunge this year, and while we have overarching themes, concept modules and frameworks, as well as essential questions, we are still working on actual toolboxes equipped with units, lesson plans, and activities to fit within those modules.

  • The recent popularity of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has put a spotlight on immersive technology—and our curriculum may never look the same again. In the midst of all this enthusiasm, Apple has released a new resource for app developers—the ARKit—that has supercharged augmented reality for fields like entertainment.
  • Augmented Training Scheme Fixes CNN Texture Bias. The paper Curriculum By Texture is on arXiv. Expert and undiscovered voices alike dive into the heart of any topic and bring new ideas to.
  • 17 November,2020 5 Inventive Examples of Augmented Reality in Healthcare. Only a century ago, Influenza flu was an incurable disease. The speedy progress of medical science and technology found a cure in the 1940s, that is, within 20 years.
  • The CT&D program area was founded with a mission to elevate students’ understanding of advanced design concepts as well as their command of cutting-edge technology, CT&D at FIT provides a flexible curriculum and an empowering transdisciplinary learning environment.

You might remember earlier this year I shared the excellent AR resources from Seek Education — here’s the blog post. There are certainly a variety of challenges that remote learning presents, and this includes access to hands-on experiences. Augmented reality (AR) technology can provide some much-needed help.

Augmented Reality in Distance Learning

AR-based learning is changing the way students receive and retain information. These experiences might be core in your curriculum or supplemental. Here is an example.By pairing AR models with your teaching curriculum, students can explore content in further detail and develop a deeper understanding.

For example, children can explore a 3D model of the Solar System or a human DNA strand through augmented reality. These models are much more interactive and engaging than pictures in a textbook or a slideshow on a screen. You might first present a new idea to students in a video conference like a Zoom call, then provide an opportunity to explore the concept with immersive technology.

Augmented reality experiences can help democratize access to more effective visual learning content for students outside of a traditional classroom. The video above also shows Seek Education and their augmented reality content in action.


Augmented Reality in Action

Earlier this year, I featured Seek Education and its powerful augmented reality resources on my site. Seek Education is an online platform and supplemental teaching resource for teachers and parents homeschooling children as well as in the classroom. It encourages interactive learning through augmented reality. With Seek Education, you can find AR content to share with students regardless of where they are primarily receiving instruction.

Tools like Seek Education can help enhance learning outside of conventional learning experiences. It provides quick access to high-quality, fun, and interactive experiences for students. Students who interact with the type of AR content provided from Seek Education can have a powerful impact on students learning new material or reinforcing big ideas. You can even find research around increased motivation, attention and confidence to support the power of augmented reality experiences. Hundreds of schools are using Seek Education, and it’s a great choice if you’re looking for engaging experiences for students learning at home.

Seek Education’s AR Content

If you haven’t heard of Seek Education before, they make AR content accessible on any device, no app required. Anyone who has used augmented reality tools knows that requiring an app can present a significant barrier for students. There is a low monthly subscription that families can sign up individually. Teachers can also sign up as a classroom.

What are the benefits of subscribing to Seek Education? Subscribing to the platform provides access to a personal dashboard displaying core subjects. These core subjects include anatomy, art, biology, history, and physical science. When students click on these subjects, they’ll find a menu of relevant AR models.

Augmented Reality Field Trips

Another great use case for AR is taking your students on virtual field trips. Imagine your students placing augmented reality experiences in a physical, real-world space. They can explore the Egyptian pyramids, the Lincoln Memorial, or walk through a field of Terracotta Warriors.

Augmented Realityeffective Curriculum Ideas 4th Grade

How does this work? With augmented reality technology, all you have to do is open up Seek Education on your mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. Then students can place the AR item in a space and walk around to see it from different angles.

Ready to start using Augmented Reality with students? Check out Seek Education’s website to learn more about their subscription options. Right now the platform is available for $3.99 per month for an individual subscription or $19.99 per month for an entire classroom. Use this link to get started!

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What is augmented reality?

The marketing and advertising worlds have, in the last couple of years, witnessed a revolution called augmented reality (AR). AR allows brands to provide their customers with unique, engaging experiences that combine ‘real’ and virtual interactive elements. This emerging trend is changing the marketing and sales game, becoming one of the main choices among B2C markets.

AR can be applied in many different ways, such as in apps or connected packaging. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of augmented reality in marketing, as well as explain how your business could benefit from this fresh, interactive virtual solution and stand out from the crowd.

How augmented reality can benefit marketing

AR offers a whole world of solutions for a wide range of enterprises across different industries. In fact, the benefits of augmented reality in marketing are endless, particularly for creative brands that make use of this cutting-edge technology in attracting and engaging their audiences.

These solutions can be applied to easily show customers how to use a specific product or service without having to spend many hours reading extensive instruction manuals. Java 1.6 download machousenew.

As it is now possible to experience AR with almost any web browser, users don’t need to buy expensive equipment, as they can use their smartphone’s camera and enjoy the ride. Also, augmented reality solutions can be used for other marketing purposes, such as enhancing sales presentations and proposals.

Augmented reality apps for marketing

The growth in AR-capable devices has played a large part in making augmented reality more commonplace for marketing, advertising and sales purposes.

Many times online purchasers face the inconvenience of not being able to try on their clothes or shoes before buying them, eventually ending up disappointed when trying out their new products for the first time. Augmented reality apps for marketing solve this issue, as it is now possible to virtually try a product before purchasing, which will ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

Furniture and interior design companies, such as Ikea, are also increasingly using AR solutions for their businesses. They now offer users the opportunity to virtually display new pieces of furniture in their living rooms and kitchens by simply using a mobile phone app.

Augmented reality in content marketing


Campaigns such as Burger King’s ‘Burn that Ad’ – where users were rewarded with a free meal at BK by pointing their smartphones at a McDonald’s outdoor ad and see them “burn” on their phone – are revolutionising the way brands can advertise and promote their products. However, augmented reality in content marketing is also changing the way users can consume some products.

Magazines and books, for example, are now using their printed versions as platforms to explore virtual opportunities. Openbook Howden has done this with its interactive print, as well as many other children's book publishers, as they allow kids to use smartphones to bring their favourite characters ‘alive’ and convert reading into a multimedia animated experience.

The pros and cons of augmented reality marketing

Like anything in life, there are obviously pros and cons of augmented reality marketing solutions. On one hand, as you can see from the examples given so far, augmented reality solutions are simple to use, easily accessible and increase the engagement between users and brands. Communication can also be largely enhanced in some particular industries, such as real estate, as buyers can now make virtual visits to properties without having to travel long distances and waste time to do so.

However, more exciting than that is the fact that it can create a sense of ownership of some product for the user before the purchase is complete. For instance, if you virtually try some cool sunglasses and you’d like to see them on your face through the screen of your laptop or smartphone, you are much more likely to complete the process and end up ordering them. This can happen with clothing, furniture and even vehicles after a virtual test drive.

On the other hand, this innovative solution, as all tech-based experiences, still has some flaws. Apart from obviously requiring the user to have at least a smartphone (no, you can’t enjoy AR in your old rotary dial telephone), as with all tech-based solutions you might face the issue of having a glitch in the system, a temporary error or a frozen image. However, as the technology is maturing, solutions are becoming more reliable.

Also, as with any app or smart solution, there may be privacy concerns for the users. Even though security has become one of the top priorities for AR app developers by using patches, encryption and applying other security practices, you can always protect your privacy by using strong codes in trusted devices while enjoying an augmented reality experience.

Augmented reality marketing campaigns by Appetite Creative

At Appetite Creative we are specialists in producing the best, most creative and most effective augmented reality marketing campaigns. If you want to improve your service, step up the relationship with your customers and generate leads, make sure you hire an experienced agency which has worked for the biggest players across different industries to get the best results out of your campaign.

As an example, we have teamed up with Vodafone, developing an augmented reality app from the ground up, that allows the brand’s users to go on a virtual treasure hunt by scanning QR codes and receiving clues within the app.

We can provide this type of solution or any other that suits your brand, contact us today so we can discuss your next AR project.

Augmented Realityeffective Curriculum Ideas Examples

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Augmented Realityeffective Curriculum Ideas Preschool

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