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FREE Game Assets 3D MODELS Tube Stickers linkedin Face Twit Twitch Level: 23 Exp Points: 5,576 / 5,880 Exp Rank: 5,882 Vote Power: 6.47 votes. Rank: Scout Global Rank. As you can see, this is the sequel to the other Alloy Tengu flash game. I didn't get around to adding as many features as I planned, but I guarantee this version is 100% better! All suggestions for Alloy Tengu 3 will be considered. This game was supposed to have highscores, but for some reason, Mochi and Flixel just refused to cooperate this time. This game is currently blocked due to the new privacy regulation and isn't currently controlling it. In order for you to continue playing this game, you'll need to click 'accept' in the banner below.

First thing to note: This is not the final version of Alloy, this is a score based mini game demonstrating the game engine.

Note to all Leechers Specificlly Sites like Mofunzone, and Arcade Pod. We the artist and Programmers of Our games have a right to our content. taking a game without our permission is an infringement on our copyrights and is against the law. We are all trying to make a buck here, the least you can do is respect our goal to do it with hard work. So viewers. if you see this or any other game on a site that we didn't approve, give us a holla!



Alloy is a character Jose created years ago that almost made it as a GBA game, but was left to rust by stupid executives. We revived teh whole idea and game up with a pretty advanced game engine for a flash game. After putting in a ton of killer fighting moves and combo systems, we realized we had a cool score based game already and opted to release this arena game before we finished the full version. The score system rules and there are 8 additional records you can compete for. Load it up and have fun, this is just the beginning..


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Fly through the galaxy in this 3D space shooter! Space Flash Arena is an ultra polished flight simulator that has you dogfighting on tons of fun and unique levels! There is a big arsenal of weapons as well as tons of depth to the controls! Think you're good at dog fighting? Good luck!


AlloyMouse aims, click to shoot
WASD moves
Free Shift is boost

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Spacebar is missiles

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Space Flash Arena is an online action game developed by ADF Games, and has been played 15366 times on
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Snake around and become the biggest of em all!
Come on down to the craziest farm around and enjoy country livin' at its best.

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Start your own mafia empire!
Alien life, unknown phenomena and tricky missions await!