A Fresh New Look And More

Amazon's Alexa app for Windows 10 has a new look and support for several new features.

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  • Alexa for Windows 10 just received a major update.
  • The update brings an improved UI and support for several new features, such as Drop In.
  • The update also improves voice support for the app.

Amazon's Alexa app for Windows 10 was relatively basic when it launched. It could perform basic functionality through the digital assistant but was quite limited. Now, a recent update for Alexa on Windows 10 brings a fresh new look and support for more features, including Drop in for video calling. The update also improves the hands-free experience for the app.

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Drop In allows you to quickly get in touch with people through video calls. With support for Drop In now available through the Windows 10 app, any PC with the app can work as an Alexa, enabled device for the feature.

Here's the complete change log as shared by Amazon on the Alexa app listing:

Fresh new look contactsA fresh new look and more things

We've got a new look and new features! Staying in touch with friends and family is more important than ever now, so we've made it easy with an Alexa favorite - video calling and Drop In. Say hello to your friend across town or Drop In on the kids to make sure they are doing their homework. Spotify fan? Use Alexa to play your favorite tracks in the Spotify app with your voice. You'll also notice an enhanced music landing page to help you discover your new favorite song. Finally, we've moved the Click-to-Talk button to the top left of the screen and the Wake Word button to the top right of the screen to help improve your experience. Don't forget - Alexa on your PC can be hands-free. Just click the Wake Word button to enable a hands-free experience.

Cameron Singh spotted the major update and flagged it up to us (Thanks Cameron!). As Singh puts it, the update 'completely changed the whole app.' It seems that change is for the better as it greatly expands the functionality of the app and improves its look.


A Fresh New Look And More Flowers

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A Fresh New Look And More Crossword

Amazon's digital assistant has a new look on Windows 10. It also now supports Drop In, making it easy to connect with your friends and family. Flash player mobile free.