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Games More Home Games More Buggy Run 3. Comments Add Image Not using Html Comment Box yet? (Apr 9, 2020) kkkkkk said: lol flag like reply (Feb 7, 2019) Anonymous. Watermelon Shooter features: - multiple levels - fun gameplay. Use mouse to play Escape to pause. Embed this game.

  • Watermelon Shooting 3D Game Overview. Watermelon Shooting 3D is one of the most fun shooting games in which you will get various kinds of handguns which you can use to shoot watermelons and splatter gooey red juice all over your screen.
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The Watermelon Game

This is one of our all time favourite hen party games. This is a hen party game that is probably best suited for all those hosting a hen party at home or in a private location. I’d also be suggesting to play this game outside if you can, and especially if you don’t fancy finding melon in the strangest of places afterwards.

The Watermelon game is very simple. Buy one large watermelon and a large bag of rubber bands. You’ll also need a bowl that enables the Watermelon to stand up straight in. Gather all the girls, who have the nerve to play the watermelon version of jenga or buckaroo basically, around the watermelon.

The first person places a rubber band around the middle of the watermelon. The next person places another rubber band and so on and so on. As the number of rubber bands around the watermelon increases so does the pressure on the watermelon. You’ll actually start to see the belly of the watermelon beginning to fold. Then it’s only a matter of time until…BOOM!


3d Misslewatermelon Gaming Game

As each extra rubber band goes on you’ll start to sweat even more. It’s around this time where each individual goes up on their own to put on a rubber band. How to go to default on better snap tool for macbook. Eventually the watermelon will explode but which who will be the unlucky person and end up cover in melon. And sure what ever is left over can go into making cocktails.

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Just check out this video below and you’ll be able to see for your self what happens to the watermelon.