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3 Pandas is a fantastic game about three cute Pandas trapped into their ship and they must find a way out. It is time to enjoy some fun with 3 Pandas. Your goal in this adventure game is to help them to escape from pirates. Once upon a time in the amazing forest, there were three cute pandas. They lived together in peace and harmony, until one day some evil pirates came and stole them from their lovely home. Now they are trapped into their ship and must find a way out. Can you help them through this adventure and rescue them from the pirates Use your mouse to click on the wanted direction make the pandas walk. Click a certain panda and then on the icon above the panda to active it. You can also click other animals or items and activate them too. Their problems won`t stop even if you manage to save them from the pirates. Later they will find their selves in a new island, surrounded by new obstacles and challenges. Solve various tasks at different levels using the powers of these three pandas. The two pandas can stand on the fat one and thus boost height. The tall slim panda can throw the smallest one and swing the other ones. And finally, the smallest one can jump, thrown by the slim panda. Enjoy and save the 3 Pandas!

3 Pandas 2: The three pandas are back, and this time stuck on an island. Utilise their unique abilities to help them survive the night! 3 Pandas: These three pandas have been captured by pirates! Help them escape the pirate ship, get through the jungles on the island and past the tribal people that want to capture them. Each panda has a special trick that they can do to overcome obstacles through this journey.

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3 Pandas 2

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3 Pandas At Night

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3 Pandas In Japan Walkthrough

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